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Subject: "Latest Review Links - wb 17 December 2001" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

17-12-01, 08:14 AM (GMT)
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"Latest Review Links - wb 17 December 2001"
   Each day we add the latest links to reviews and interviews that we find on the major newspaper web sites. If you find a link that we have missed do please post it up, preferably as a URL link.

For convenience here is a link to last weeks thread:

We should not need to state this but these links are for our readers use and not for other websites to take and pass off as their own. We ask all visitors to respect Ballet.co's site and the way it operates.

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  RE: Latest Review Links - wb 17 December 2001 Bruce Madmin 17-12-01 1
     RE: Latest Review Links - wb 17 December 2001 Carly Gillies 17-12-01 2
  Tuesday Links - 18th December Bruce Madmin 18-12-01 3
     RE: Tuesday Links - 18th December AnnWilliams 19-12-01 4
         RE: Tuesday Links - 18th December AEHandley 19-12-01 5
             RE: Wednesday Links - 18th December Brendan McCarthymoderator 19-12-01 6
                 RE: Wednesday Links - 18th December AEHandley 19-12-01 7
                     RE: Thursday links - 20th December AnnWilliams 20-12-01 8
                         RE: Thursday links - 20th December alison 20-12-01 10
                     RE: Wednesday Links - 18th December alison 20-12-01 9
                         RE: Friday links - 21st AnnWilliams 21-12-01 11
                             RE: Friday links - 21st Helen 21-12-01 12
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                             RE: Sunday links - 23rd AnnWilliams 23-12-01 16
                             RE: Sunday links - 23rd AnnWilliams 23-12-01 17

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Bruce Madmin

17-12-01, 08:16 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Latest Review Links - wb 17 December 2001"
In response to message #0
A sweeter Nutcracker
Ismene Brown reviews The Nutcracker performed by the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden
"Bussell looked alarmingly pale and rather nervous, but she has a uniquely calm classical grandeur and grows more benevolently queenly with every passing year, which makes for a good fairy. "

A Cracker without sparkle
The Nutcracker, Royal Opera House, London
Review by Nadine Meisner
"Her {Bussell} allure comes from a special radiance and an intensely generous smile that seems to come from her heart without any attenuating filter, and the simple serenity of this is perfect for the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy."

Ballett Frankfurt
Brainy With a Contemporary Sense of Fun
"His intellectual springboards, often drawn from literary theory, can come across as irritating or incomprehensible. The first work on this program was "Woolf Phrase" (2001), which used a few quotations from Virginia Woolf's novel "Mrs. Dalloway." The fragmented spoken text was less than evocative. "

Stanislavsky Ballet
No business like snow business
Russia's Stanislavsky Ballet have put a fresh spin on two classic Burmeister pieces. Nadine Meisner drinks a toast to the long-suffering company's success
"The difference between the Bolshoi and the Stanislavsky companies parallels that of the Royal Opera House and English National Opera. The Bolshoi is the symbol of prestige and tradition, while the smaller, more agile Stanislavsky stands for experimentation and dynamism. "

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Homeless but Unvanquished
"Donald Byrd's "Dance at the Gym" got things off to a tough, sexy start in an enjoyably varied program presented by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on Tuesday at City Center...."

Akram Khan
Related Rocks
Dance to the music of 'Rocks'
Financial Times; Dec 14, 2001
".... The result, of course, was that we mostly watched the tame dancers and occasionally noticed the music: not the ideal result." {Good grief!! Ed}

A vital 'Sleeping Beauty'
By Octavio Roca
"Anthony Dowell's 1994 version of "The Sleeping Beauty," in a controversial and brilliant production designed by Maria Bjornson, is not for the stodgy. "

Michael Flatley
For the love of Michael
The Deborah Ross Interview
Michael Flatley has finally, at the age of 43, turned in his dancing-shoes, but he's certainly not idle: there's the charity work, the flute-collecting and a wine cellar to keep in order - and the small matter of the £100m he'll make by floating his company

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Carly Gillies

17-12-01, 09:47 AM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Latest Review Links - wb 17 December 2001"
In response to message #1
   Three from the Scotsman about Scottish Ballet

A positive review of ‘The Snowman’ which nevertheless comments “Little actual ballet takes place in the first half, something which is redressed slightly in Act 2”


An article about ‘the Snowman’ ballet just premiered at Theatre Royal Glasgow, and why it is different from ‘The Snowman’ theatre show (also choreographed by R North) cuurently at S Wells. Confused?


Interview with Robert North. He explains his formula for success. “I told them when they appointed me that Peter Darrell had things exactly right. 30 to 60% of your own work, 30% or so brought in, and the occasional contemporary work.”
It worked for Peter Darrell…


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Bruce Madmin

18-12-01, 08:27 AM (GMT)
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3. "Tuesday Links - 18th December "
In response to message #0
The Snowman; Theatre Royal, Glasgow
"PERHAPS War and Peace might have been more appropriate repertoire than The Snowman at this moment in Scottish Ballet’s troubled history. Last month the company ended up in the Scottish Parliament over its “change of direction”, from classical ballet to a more loosely focused contemporary company, its decision not to renew the contract of Robert North, the artistic director, when it runs out in the summer, and the uneasy “merger” of the managements of Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera. A parliamentary committee produced a strongly worded condemnation of the management.
        Meanwhile the dancers, in an understandable twitter about what was to become of them, set up an alternative website in all the hysteria (and thereby added to it). But the management quite rightly condemned the committee right back for shameless and ill-informed grandstanding and a new arts minister backed the management to the hilt. The said minister, Lord Watson of Invergowrie, took the opportunity to be the guest of Chris Barron, the chief executive of the merged company, on Friday’s opening night. All in all, the company needed this year’s Christmas show to be a hit more than ever. Fortunately, it is" {Everybody seems to be nailing their colours to the mast these days - ED}

South Pacific, step by step
By Jenny Gilbert
"It wasn't hard to foresee that director Trevor Nunn and choreographer Matthew Bourne would one day beat a path to one another's door. Nunn gives everything he touches – Shakespeare and opera included – the populist appeal of a musical. Bourne creates dance dramas that are musicals in all but name."

Exploring Terrain as Risky as an Emotional State
JENNIFER DUNNING and JACK ANDERSON with 3 short reviews
"Rui Horta staged excerpts from a longer composition called "Object Constant." But these snippets were energetic, without also being coherent."

Michael Flatley
Lord of the Dance to seek £100m float
By Katherine Griffiths
"Michael Flatley, the Irish impresario who created Lord of the Dance, aims to enchant the City with plans to float his management company, Unicorn Entertainment, on the London Stock Exchange for up to £100m."

Flatley struts to the city
Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley. Photo: Steven Siewert
By Grant Ringshaw

Television - The new home viewer
Television - Andrew Billen discovers the joys of creating his own schedule
{I thought I'd include this given the recent thread on Digital TV. Ed}

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19-12-01, 08:49 AM (GMT)
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4. "RE: Tuesday Links - 18th December "
In response to message #3
Ismene Brown reviews Onegin performed by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House

'Tatiana has been the most problematic role to place. This is not Pushkin's Tatiana or even the Tatiana of Tchaikovsky's opera Eugene Onegin - this is Cranko's Tatiana, and he originally thought of her as the fortysomething Fonteyn.'


Barbie ballet in the pink
Judith Mackrell
The Nutcracker
Coliseum, London
Rating: ***

'When Deane himself used to dance Drosselmeyer, the magician came across as a camp showman with a creepily proprietorial interest in little Clara. Edur couldn't be cheap or vicious if he tried, and with his performance dominating the stage, this Nutcracker almost seems a different ballet.'


From the FT:

Wright way to serve turkey
By Clement Crisp

'Another deep-frozen turkey has also loomed into sight: The - forgive the coarseness of my language - Nutcracker'


From the Los Angeles Times:
ABT Works Hard to Create Magic in 'Nutcracker'
by Lewis Segal
'Julie Kent looked far too dangerously emaciated to carry the high-calorie name "Sugar Plum" on Saturday afternoon, but her lyrical powers remained impressive, and she had the benefit of the stratospheric partnering finesse of Jose Manuel Carreno.'

From the Alberta National Post:
Alberta Ballet Company fires executive director
Bold action needed to balance budget, chairman says
Michael Crabb, National Post

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19-12-01, 05:27 PM (GMT)
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5. "RE: Tuesday Links - 18th December "
In response to message #4
   FT link doesn't seem to work - all I get on the screen is a little advertising box!

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Brendan McCarthymoderator

19-12-01, 05:49 PM (GMT)
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6. "RE: Wednesday Links - 18th December "
In response to message #5
   Try this link for Clement Crisp

Luke Jennings in the Evening Standard is underwhelmed by ENB's Nutcracker. "A strangely depthless mixture, overall, of the sinister, the vulgar, and the refined. A ballet for our times, perhaps".

And Deirdre Jowitt in the Village Voice on Doug Varone and Alvin Ailey

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19-12-01, 08:56 PM (GMT)
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7. "RE: Wednesday Links - 18th December "
In response to message #6
   Interested to see that Shi Ning Liu has joined ENB!
BTW re-watched BRB Nutcracker tonight - Miyako Yoshida was definitely doing pas de chats not gargouillades (well, 3 of them had wiggles on the leading foot but none on the following foot). But I still don't think it's the most challenging of variations!

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20-12-01, 09:45 AM (GMT)
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8. "RE: Thursday links - 20th December"
In response to message #7
   From John Percival in the Independent:
ENB/The Nutcracker, The Coliseum, London

'But if it's The Nutcracker you feel you must have, ENB's is certainly a better bargain than the Royal Ballet's production, running in competition, and not only because the Coliseum's seats mostly offer a better view than Covent Garden's, and its prices are less exorbitant..'

From the New York Times, a review of Peter Kurth's biography of Isadora Duncan:
'..the mother of modern dance found few things amusing, least of all herself. "You must all forgive me if I seem somewhat egotistical," she once proclaimed, presumably with a straight face, "but my Life is so tightly bound up with my Art, it is so much one and the same, that I must always refer to it."


Also from the New York Times, Jennifer Dunning on ABT Studio Theatre:

Cloths Large and Small, Signaling Shifts in Tone

'One of the great dance success stories in recent years has been the development of the ABT Studio Company as a producer of fine young dancers. Under the direction of John Meehan, this junior, or second, company at American Ballet Theater has become known for dancers who are both technically adept and dramatically resonant.'

Clive Barnes in the New York Post on the same:

'Unless you are a world star such as Carlos Acosta, who is joining this summer as an instant principal, this is the normal way of entry into ABT. And it's incredibly tough.'

Ballet Theater Drops Evening of Stravinsky

American Ballet Theater will not perform its scheduled Stravinsky program at the Metropolitan Opera House in June, because of a revenue shortfall.

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20-12-01, 01:22 PM (GMT)
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10. "RE: Thursday links - 20th December"
In response to message #8
   So, Hampy's doing next year's ENB Nutcracker, is he? Had we heard that before, or have I just been skipping the wrong bits of the site? I have to admit, I was wondering what the setting for the new one would be, considering that you've got Biedermeier for the Royal's version and Victoriana for BRB's. How not to get confused with the competition? Edwardian? Twenties? Earlier? (when did the use of Christmas trees start? you can't have a Nutcracker without a tree, can you, now?)

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20-12-01, 01:17 PM (GMT)
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9. "RE: Wednesday Links - 18th December "
In response to message #7
   >Interested to see that Shi Ning
>Liu has joined ENB!

Yes, that was a couple of years ago now, nearly.

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21-12-01, 09:22 AM (GMT)
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11. "RE: Friday links - 21st"
In response to message #9
   From unease to the sublime: REVIEW OF THE YEAR DANCE: Clement Crisp adored Nakamura Ganjiro III but was highly unimpressed with 'Swan Lake'
Financial Times; Dec 21, 2001

'Divinities of the Year were Uliana Lopatkina, whose dancing approaches a transcendent beauty made from an infinite legato sustained by tungsten schooling and a sense of the spiritual; and Zhanna Ayupova, the classicist's ideal. Her Aurora at the Mariinsky Theatre, where Beauty reflects the spirit of its home theatre and city, obeyed every canon of classic art, from spiritual grace to decorum of form. Ideal.'


The New York Times on Elliot Feld's Balet Tech:
A Leaping Lepidopterist Stalks His Prey

Sugarplums, go home! Let the bugs take over.That appeared to be Eliot Feld's defiantly anti-"Nutcracker" message on Tuesday night, when his "Papillon" was the featured attraction on the first program of what he calls a "Holiday Notcracker Season." Ballet Tech, Mr. Feld's company, is offering two weeks of cheerful family entertainments at the Joyce Theater. Not one of them is "The Nutcracker."


From the Asian Wall Street Journal, a piece by our own Kevin Ng on Shanghai Ballet, Kong Kong Ballet and Tibetan Dance:


The St Petersburg Times on the Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet's performance of Balanchine's The Prodigal Son.

"In all, the production makes one wonder whether, after half a century, the native city of Georgy Melitonovich Balanchivadze - the city in which he grew up, where he studied at the conservatory and where he first appeared on stage - might soon become known as "the home of Balanchine."


Merci to Australia for saving the Moulin Rouge

The smutty old Parisien dive, long cleaned up, is now being saved by Aussie dancers says the Sydney Morning Herald:
By Paul Daley, Herald Correspondent in Paris

'Marissa Burgess stretches her impossibly long legs during her warm-up and curses in French.When she's finished swearing, she asks: "Where's my thongs? There's too much Newcastle in me." One of 16 Australians in the Moulin Rouge's line-up of 40 female dancers, Burgess is at the forefront of the revitalisation of the famous Paris cabaret show.'


Sorry, nothing to do with dance but just couldn't resist this (also from the Sydney Moning Herald):

As good as it gets? You're joking
'Dr Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, asked people to send him jokes, and put the cleanest ones on the Web site www.laughlab.co.uk. Then he asked anyone visiting the site to rate each joke on a scale from "very unfunny" to "very funny".'


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21-12-01, 10:41 AM (GMT)
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12. "RE: Friday links - 21st"
In response to message #11
   Also nothing to do with dance, but by someone familiar to ballet-goers, Debra Craine's article in The Times "Why I hate Christmas" is entertaining - and brave.

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Brendan McCarthymoderator

21-12-01, 01:29 PM (GMT)
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13. "RE: Friday links - 21st"
In response to message #12
   A rather tentative review by the Standard's Luke Jennings of the the Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet's 'Snow Maiden'.

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21-12-01, 05:58 PM (GMT)
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14. "RE: Friday links - 21st"
In response to message #13
   Oh good, blond wigs and electric-blue eyeshadow! I'm really looking forward to going to see this tonight now .

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Brendan McCarthymoderator

22-12-01, 07:34 AM (GMT)
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15. "RE: Saturday links - 22nd"
In response to message #14
   Debra Craine of the Times on the Moscow Stanislavsky Ballet's 'The Snow Maiden'. "The choreography has its ups and downs. The delicate classical writing for the snowflakes is lovely — more of that would have been nice — and the robust Russian folkdancing for the peasants brings a genuine brio to the proceedings. But the love story is a long time coming and the duets, when they do arrive, are disappointingly coy".

Judith Mackrell of the Guardian on The Snow Maiden. "This is a ballet that is absolutely of a specific Soviet era. A curiosity for western audiences, but not a classic".

Nadine Meisner's verdict in the Independent . "I was impressed by the general standard of dancing, and the whole-hearted involvement in even the smallest roles".

And from BBC News Online, Patrick Jackson on The Snow Maiden.

Deborah Bull's week in the Times. "I would love to get tickets for the English National Ballet’s production at the Coliseum (London WC2) as I have never seen it before. And the Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker will be unmissable, as always. There are some interesting new dancers that I’d like to see, such as Zenaida Yanowsky".

Judith Mackrell's review of the year in the Guardian. "Good news included the reopening of the Place and the prospect of better funding for dance students. Bad news was the failure to secure a home, and a future, for the Siobhan Davies Dance Company".

Ismene Brown on the RB's Nutcracker. "THE Royal Ballet's Nutcracker is the aristocrat of productions, its heart in a warm bourgeois place and its sugar spun with a maestro's hand".

The Frankfurter Allgemeine on Stephan Thoss's Nach Moskau for Hanover Ballet. "The libretto for this Russian excursion was written by ballet dramaturge Anja von Witzler, and its musical accompaniment consists of compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich. Fellow travelers, take note: This is an educational outing, and anyone failing to consult a travel guide beforehand will be perplexed".
Link to the article

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23-12-01, 08:50 AM (GMT)
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16. "RE: Sunday links - 23rd"
In response to message #15
   From the Sunday Times:

Dance: Heart of whiteness As winter draws in, David Dougill is swept away by a Snow Maiden from Moscow, and warmed by two festive Nutcrackers
'At the RFH, where no scenery can be "flown", decors had to be adapted to travel sideways. On the first night, curtains opened when they should have closed, and vice versa, revealing scene-shifters to the accompaniment of imprecations in Russian. The dancers remained unfazed and the elegant conductor, Georgy Zhemchizhin, wai-ted patiently during each hiatus. I expect the glitches will be overcome.'


Fom the Observer, Jann Pary reviews the year in dance:

Out with the old, in with Matz Skoog
On the new directors of the RB, ENB and NBT: 'The fact that all three newcomers are not British is viewed with alarm in some quarters, as is the multinational character of the companies they lead. But there is no crisis in British ballet; talent matters more than place of birth.'


From the New York Times:

A Jolt of Energy for the Royal Ballet
'Welcome to the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, Mr. Stretton. You left the sun of Sydney for the gray of London; you swapped a secure job as artistic director of the Australian Ballet for the perils of running the Royal Ballet. And you are an outsider: a former dancer who never performed at Covent Garden, an Australian assuming the mantle of Frederick Ashton, Kenneth MacMillan and Anthony Dowell. So be ready for a helter-skelter ride.'


Who Owns a Dance? It Depends on the Maker

'...I am in despair," wrote Martha Graham in a letter to Jerome Robbins shortly before her death in 1991. Her lamentation was caused by the dire financial straits of her dance company, which forced her to consider licensing some of her 180 ballets to other troupes to raise cash. "I am horrified at the thought of all this," she said, "but the company must continue now and in the future." '


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23-12-01, 09:54 AM (GMT)
Click to EMail AnnWilliams Click to send private message to AnnWilliams Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
17. "RE: Sunday links - 23rd"
In response to message #16
   Apologies - I am doing the links today in an emergency - I haven't done the Sunday ones before and didn't realise that you need to be registered to read the Sunday Times links. Registerings is slightly fiddly and time-consuming but you do not have to pay - all they want really is your e-mail address so they can send you details of their various 'ofers'. I think its worth it.

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