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Subject: "Help " Archived thread - Read only
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24-11-01, 05:17 AM (GMT)
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"Help "
Having just returned from Mars, well West Africa, Since leaving in early 1997
Please could you give me the low down on our main Ballet companies

Who's New
Who's new and already gone
Who's left - bored, injured, lack of opportunities
ie Durante, Cassidy, Cooper, Nunn, Teddy, Wildor, McDermott, Irek, Bull, Ransom, Trevitt, ( Sorry all Royal) and many more
New Directors
What was this K Ballet thing ?
Final demise of LCB/ C of L
Any other items of interest

Many Thanks
Homesick of Conakry and Dakar et al

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  RE: Help jhanner 24-11-01 1
  RE: Help alison 26-11-01 2

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24-11-01, 05:40 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Help "
In response to message #0
   wow what a question? Re the dancers who are in./out etc I'd check out the dancer guide on here -this is a pretty good overview and for the RB has recently been updated. Of the guys you are talking of - Deborah Bull has retired from teh main company to take up artistic direction of the second studio at the ROH. Shes a pretty eminent arts spoksewoman generally. Darcey Bussell has been on maternity leave and is returning next month in the Nutcracker. Irek has retired(lots of posts and a few links to interviews on this) fairly contraversial whether he jumped or was pushed. On similar theme Sarah Wildor has recently left the RB to freelance -loads of posts on this as she has a lot of fans.
Her hubby Adam Cooper seems to be very busy -hes back guesting in the new prod of Onegin at the ROH but is also choreographing, teaching and involved in a production of "on your toes" next year. Theres a v.good interview in the Times this week in him that should be in this weeks links to reviews etc.

Also worth mentioning that Anthony Dowell has moved on and been replaecd by Ross Stretton (of the Australian ballet) this year -loads of stuff on him as he has stirred up different opinions.

Re K Ballet, this was a breakaway company formed by Tetsuya Kumakawa in about 98 I think with 4 or 5 other notables -William Trevitt and Michael Nunn being among them. There are load of posts on this in the archive.They've since left and set up their own company "George Piper dances" who recently debuted in London -lots of stuff on that in recent links ot the news website (try about a month ago).

Thats probably enough from me

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26-11-01, 01:15 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Help "
In response to message #0
   Whew! Where to start? Well, on the ENB side, Derek Deane has left and been replaced as Artistic Director by Matz Skoog, who you may remember as a former principal with the company.

RB went through a really tough time during the closure of the ROH - came apparently rather too close to closure for comfort, which is partly responsible, I think, for the K Ballet "defection". "New" - Carlos Acosta joined the RB, but is now only guesting and I believe has joined ABT. Johan Kobborg also joined the RB, but has stayed, to everyone's (and particularly my) delight - well worth watching in almost anything. You may have missed out on Tamara Rojo completely - she joined ENB, created Clara in Deane's then-new Nutcracker and a stunning Juliet in his arena production, but has now moved on to the RB (to ENB's great loss). Proving herself an excellent dramatic dancer, and also very good in classical roles. Alina Cojocaru (who some of us already knew about during her short stint with the RBS) went to Kiev dancing principal roles for a year, joined the RB and went from Artist to Principal in about 15 months - a huge talent, but we must hope that she doesn't burn out young (she's only 19 still, I think). Wildor finally got made Principal, but has now left.

Scottish Ballet has been in a dreadful mess, seemingly one crisis after another - has lost most of its best dancers - latest (very controversial) proposal is to turn them into a contemporary company. NBT has been going through ADs like some people go through socks - I can't keep up with it at all (Christopher Gable died a few years ago). BRB seems to keep going strong, although there's been criticism of their technical standards in the classics of late.

LCB/CBL has now folded, it would seem. I can't remember what Harold King's doing, but he's running another company somewhere else.

Perhaps you should go through the "Company News" archives. On an 8-hour day, it should probably take you less than 3 months to catch up .

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