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Subject: "Rambert Dance Company ?" Archived thread - Read only
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14-11-01, 02:01 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Viviane Click to send private message to Viviane Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
"Rambert Dance Company ?"
   I have to 'entertain' my dancing daughter this weekend...and sadly enough -apart from Rambert at Sadler's Wells- there is not much excitement on the dance-scene.
Some thoughts about Rambert please ?! I never saw them life.
Help ! I don't like the idea to be forced to go and see a musical .

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  Rambert's First Programme, Sadler's Wells, 17 Nov.2001 Viviane 20-11-01 11

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14-11-01, 03:10 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Sam Click to send private message to Sam Click to add this user to your buddy list  
1. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #0
   Well Viviane you could check out the Place, or see what's happening at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, both venues which attract some of the most cutting-edge innovative dance in Europe.

However, since your views on dance are sadly indicative of the reactionary insular views of the ballet-obsessed (or should that be Royal Ballet obsessed) regular visitors to this site, I can only say the Rambert are technically beautiful, dance dry arid "contemporary" works destined to please a moneyed crowd who know very little about dance, buy a ticket I'm sure you and your daughter will love it. And make sure it's an expensive one, as we all know if you haven't spent what is most families food budget for a week on a couple of tickets the company just ain't worth going to see.

Enjoy, much as I'll enjoy reading the damning indictments from the balletomanes of this posting.

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Bruce Madmin

14-11-01, 05:27 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Bruce%20M Click to send private message to Bruce%20M Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
3. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #1
   LAST EDITED ON 14-11-01 AT 05:28 PM (GMT)

Sam: we've not removed your post on this occasion but you really do push people at times. While you might not agree with what others like there is no need to be so heavy in condemning them and it - better to talk up what you like and try to convey to others why you enjoy it. That way you might win converts - telling people you think they are rubbish does nothing for your cause - absolutely nothing. As an alternative just don't bother to come here if you don't want to contribute appropriately. You also need to have the guts to post your name and email address rather then hide in the shadows.

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15-11-01, 08:33 AM (GMT)
Click to EMail Viviane Click to send private message to Viviane Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
8. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #1
   Thanks Ann, Carly and Avril !
Sam, I'm waiting on your thoughts concerning the innovative dance in Europe.
Tell us what you know about it and share your views in a constructive way.

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Ann Welsh

14-11-01, 03:54 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Ann%20Welsh Click to send private message to Ann%20Welsh Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
2. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #0
   Viviane, if she's a dancing daughter, Rambert is a must. Technically superb, artistically excellent. If you haven't seen them yourself, GO...!

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Carly Gillies

14-11-01, 06:06 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Carly%20Gillies Click to send private message to Carly%20Gillies Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
4. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #2
   Viviane. I agree with Ann and envy you the chance to see them.
I've taken my son to see Rambert a couple of times and he's enjoyed it. - And he's not hugely into dance. Let us know how it goes.

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Brendan McCarthymoderator

14-11-01, 06:09 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Brendan%20McCarthy Click to send private message to Brendan%20McCarthy Click to add this user to your buddy list  
5. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #2
   Given Sam's views, I do wonder why he posts here. Ballet.co is pretty inclusive - but it is a quite specific interest in ballet that brings most of us to this site and not elsewhere.

If Sam wants to have an argument about dance, ideology and social structure - great, let's have a debate. I'm sure lots of us would be up for it. One condition - we need to know with whom we are debating. A well-made argument would be nice too.

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14-11-01, 09:58 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Avril Click to send private message to Avril Click to add this user to your buddy list  
6. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #0
   Do go and see Rambert-you will see a varied and enjoyable program . There is a family matinee on saturday afternoon with two pieces and reduced priced seats or the evening performance with 4 very diffrent pieces-something for most peoples taste and beautifully performed

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15-11-01, 01:28 AM (GMT)
Click to EMail Robert Click to send private message to Robert Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
7. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #6
   Sam, is it Samuel or Samantha I am not sure? Thank you for telling us what Vivienne is like and what you think of some of the rest of us. Whilst walking the dog (now there is an image) I have been speculating about you, and have come up with a few ideas.
1.You are a Kevin sort of person who has found ballet and dance by accident.
2.You are an embittered old age pensioner who was turned down by The Royal Ballet in 1956
3.You are youngish with liberal parents who refuse to be annoyed by you.
4.You are a student hoping for reactionary responses from the perceived bourgeois.
Perhaps others would like to join in with this speculation?
P.S. I am middle aged male married and middle class, probably all the things you are hoping to detest if you ever get around to it! Sorry about this so called 'sad' posting.

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17-11-01, 00:09 AM (GMT)
Click to EMail Robert Click to send private message to Robert Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
9. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #7
   Sorry but I should have suggested Mark Morris who is at High Wycombe. I have just come home (Friday) from yet another superb night watching him and his company. His British tour ends tomorrow. I saw them at the beginning of the tour at Sadlers Wells and you can tell what I thought because I have been again.

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Karen Ritchie

18-11-01, 04:03 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Karen%20Ritchie Click to send private message to Karen%20Ritchie Click to add this user to your buddy list  
10. "RE: Rambert Dance Company ?"
In response to message #9

Did you go to see Rambert this weekend? My husband and I went last night and we loved every minute of it and we will be there next weekend as well. I am a little biased I know, because I am a Rambert Supporter and I love what they do but I really think that this year they have been absolutely superb. If you did go I hope you had a wonderful time. If you did not make it perhaps we will see you there soon.

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20-11-01, 09:08 AM (GMT)
Click to EMail Viviane Click to send private message to Viviane Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
11. "Rambert's First Programme, Sadler's Wells, 17 Nov.2001"
In response to message #0
Rambert's First Programme, Sadler's Wells, 17 Nov.2001

Back home with a "Harry Potter"-indigestion and
a stiff cold ....
but YES,Karen, I went to see Rambert at Sadler's Wells on Saturday and am delighted I did
The theatre itself is a good 'working-machine' and the auditorium offers good sightlines. It was a nearly-fully booked evening and I was amazed about the variety of people who attended the performance....from fashion-victims to grandmums with silvergrey, curly hair and lots of young spectators.

Though I wasn't convinced about all the pieces from their 1st.programme, I am totally impressed by the dancers. Such great performers ! Must see Paul Liburd again !
The evening was composed out of 4 items, a bit amalgam to me and I wonder wich-one was the 'typical' Rambert ? Can someone enlighten me on this ?

Premiered by Rambert Dance Company at the Linbury Studio Theatre,
02 May 2001

Choreography : Glenn Wilkinson (Kinson Productions)
Musi : Aphex Twin
Design : Dody Nash
Lighting Design : Malcolm Glanville.
Dancers : 4 female/4 male

A strong, bold spotlight stole over the auditorium in complete silence and grabs two entering female dancers.
The hard and repetitive music evokes impulses from the dancers (teens ?) to each other to improvise movements. Movements are flowing into competitive and more struggle-like dancing.
While the rhythm grows and more dancers enter the stage, one sees budding the choreography and from then on it catches your mind for the rest of the time.
I loved this piece for his strong architectural features : the use of light in a minimalistic way is superb.
The beam-line across the stage and the rhythmic light-strips on the backdrop and ...on top of this : the use of colour from grey and cool blue (costumes) to end in a warm, abundant red light enriched the rhythms, underlined the multi-layered choreography but most of all accentuated the dancers in a beautiful way.
All these dancers were a feast to the eye, beautiful trained and stil so individual !
Despite the fact that I hardly can bear this kind of music this is a good piece, worthwhile seeing but I had prefered it at the end of the performance.

"HURRICANE (a pantomime)"
Choreography : Christopher Bruce
Music : Bob Dylan
Design : Marian Bruce
Lighting Design : Mark Parry
Dancer : David Hughes

What to think about a choreography on a so-wellknown Dylan-song ?
Hmm...during the mid-seventies Dylan and Béjart were 'my world' mixed with a bit of Cohen (for the moody-days ...my brother hated me for that !).
Really didn't know what to think about the idea...
The story of the boxer Rubin Carter, an inhumane story about a wrongfully accused man, imprisoned on a triple murder charge.

As soon as the resigned intro played and I saw 'Rubin Carter' imprisoned by the stage-lights it made me shiver.
Christopher Bruce uses a white-faced Commedia dell'Arte figure with intriguing eyes and bandaged wrists to personalise 'the charge against inhumanity'.
Through movements and acting, he showed us tormented feelings and various states of mind. As the rhythm of this 'song of anger' intensifies, dance and song fuses together, fast travelling steps alternate with small, restrained ones.
The stage-lights were 'playing' with Carter as the authorities did.
Sometimes they allowed him a little more 'moving-space' to express his despair but he always returned to his relentless (or was it compulsive ?) rope-skipping, his fixation to keep going on. The 'big-brother-is watching-you'-lights never release him, even at the end when they project his silhouette-shadows against the backdrop : a lonely man with split character.

Dancer David Hughes is also a great actor and gave us a strong performance.
To me we saw a marvelous interaction between dance and song and it even added to the (overexposed) song.
I hope I can see this -one day- in a more intimate and smaller theatre.
Oh...and how I wished I could use a 'REPLAY-BUTTON' !

Choreography : Merce Cunningham
Staged by : Robert Swinston and Jeannie Steele
Music : Stuart Dempster
Artist : Leonardo Drew
Costume Design : Suzanne Gallo
Lighting Design : Aaron Copp
Orchestra : London Musici, conductor : Paul Hoskins
8 male/8 female dancers

A very minimal setting : a complicated rope/steel (?)-creation in the left background.
There were lovely 'very fashion-minded' costumes : black, tight with transparant elements, every dancer stayed an individual.
At the beginning I wondered if there was any relation between the music and the choreography. There is a lot to say about the score of this work 'Underground Overlays' but I'm sure you have already been reading about this in other reviews.
At the performance the recording was completed by the LondonMusici with hosepipe, conch shells and harmonic singing.
It all had an un-earthy, tonal result and was quite impressive but not dominating.
In fact, sometimes the music couldn't hide annoying feet-noise.
The rythm seemed somehow independent and created a very apatic 'dancing'.
I put dancing between brackets because a lot of the movements seems to end in a kind of 'still-photography' with very refined details. Astonishing dancer-groups but no climax and even no real end : one just let down the curtain.
It all gave me the idea we were only looking at a fragment of a movement-experience/experiment.
Glad we had the wonderful Rambert dancers !

To be frankly, I didn't liked the Cunningham piece very much, but it's more likely my own problem ! I only could appreciate a lot of parts and details in it.
After the first interval there was a cold draught in the auditorium, there must be a ventilation or airco-problem ? There was a lot of coughing, fumble with sweets-paper
( Why do they sell sweets at this performances ?!), people even smuggle there bar-drinks into the house...and there was a 'forgotten' mobilephone...so I couldn't hold my attention...

Choreography : Javier De Frutos.
Music : Michael Daugherty
Design : Jackie Galloway
Lighting Design : Peter Mumford
Orchestra London Musici, conductor : Paul Hoskins
6 male/6 female dancers.

A solo-act (Elizabeth Old) in the spotlights in complete silence.
Well, I couldn't believe my eyes...(after a Cunningham-piece !)
The girl is wearing net-stockings, high-heeled shoes and a glitter outfit, more likely needed with some trapeze-act.
A bit of over-acting, is she repeating her 'text' ?
The stirring music 'Le Tombeau de Liberace' took us to the Las Vegas showbizz-environment with lots of sensual and provocative movements. The usual jealousy and self-assured conflicts between performers...were all in the picture.
A funny piece (although for a lot of people) but totally dependent on his score and
wit dancing, the choreography played definitely the second fiddle.
The real star of this performance was the Orchestra ! They did an extremely good job.

Afterwards I had a very animated and long conversation about it all with the two teenage-girls who went with me....think I have never been talking that long about a performance ! And ofcourse...the age-difference spokes too ! They both liked 'The Celebrated Soubrette' the most, but 'Hurricane' didn't say them much.
And we need definitely another talk about Cunningham

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