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Subject: "Darcey Bussell" Archived thread - Read only
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10-08-99, 01:42 PM (GMT)
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"Darcey Bussell"
   There is a very small piece in the Daily Mail saying that she is going to apprear in a film called Civiliesation which has been sponsored by Greenpeace.

Apparently it is about an underground train that stops at increasingly derelict tube stations - a metephor for the evil impact of modern living on the environment.

Sounds er - interesting..

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  RE: Darcey Bussell Jessica hanner 12-08-99 1

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Jessica hanner

12-08-99, 10:28 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Darcey Bussell"
In response to message #0
   This reminds me all to vividly of "Dances with Death", the AIDS allegory ballet.

All very worthy until it had that bit where they all the dancers started squirming around under a blanket in a manner I have not seen since infant school plays.

Sorry - Darcey, as I still have nightmares about DAnces with death I might be giving this ecological wonder a miss

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