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Subject: "Guérin & Murru in Bart's "Verdiana"" Archived thread - Read only
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16-10-01, 10:37 AM (GMT)
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"Guérin & Murru in Bart's "Verdiana""
   The year 2001, marking the 100th anniversary of Verdi’s death, is nearly over and, after Parma, also Florence programmed a danced tribute to the great Italian composer. But while the NYCB offered plotless choreography by Balanchine and Robbins, MaggioDanza presented for the first time in Italy a narrative work, “Verdiana”, created in Berlin in 1999 by Patrice Bart for the Ballet of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden.
Elisabetta Terabust, after Roland Petit, who brought “Proust” last June, and before Glen Tetley, programmed for the next summer season, called his former partner, hired 28 additional dancers for this production, planned 7 performances and invited Isabelle Guérin and Massimo Murru as guests.
I saw “Verdiana” on the 13th of October. The ballet was hosted at the Teatro Verdi, but the audience was brought to the Paris Opéra. The image of its famous courtain was projected on the red velvet and when it opened we followed Verdi in the Foyer, in the Rotonde, in the Place de l’Opéra in front of the Palais Garnier. Patrice Bart imagined the work of the composer for the POB during the Second Empire, when he was inspired by the great ballerina Claudina Cucchi and the choreographer Lucien Petipa. The Dance itself is represented by a couple whose presence is shed through all the ballet. The realistic scenes were created by Jan Schlubach and the rich costumes by Hervé Pierre (author of those worn in Preljocaj’s “Le parc”).
In the first act Verdi is surrounded by the audience at the entrance of the Foyer with its great staircase. On the music composed for “Jérusalem”, four ballerinas, dressed in the same fashion as Degas painted them, take Verdi to the Rotonde. The dancers are rehearsing with Lucien Petipa while the officers and the members of the Jockey-Club flirt with them. On the music from “Le Trouvère” Claudina Cucchi arrives and dances. The technical staff prepares the stage for the performance of “The four seasons”, which is danced on the music from “Les vêpres siciliennes”.
In the second act Verdi is outside the theatre. Claudina Cucchi joins him on the music from “Le Trouvère” and then disappears. The Place de l’Opéra is then filled by whores and workers. In the last scene the stage is bright with light and the Dance waltzes on the music from “Don Carlos”.
Umberto De Luca was Verdi and his interpretation was brilliant both as a soloist and as a partner. Letizia Giuliani was Claudina Cucchi and her talents require some well deserved praises. She is a baby ballerina with a beaming smile (she bears a strong resemblance with Darcey Bussell), enchanting arms, sensational balance, extraordinary extensions. Denis Bragatto was Lucien Petipa and his interpretation was lively and daring. Isabelle Guérin and Massimo Murru were the Dance. She was perfect for the role, showing all the smoothness of her technique combined with all the pleasure of being the queen on stage. At her first appearance she shone like a grand dame. All her costumes suited her regal carriage, her elegant shoulders and thin waist, and looked created on her, so beautiful and reminiscent of those she wore in “Le parc”. Massimo Murru looke like Guérin’s waiter, never raising his eyes above her waist. He was much better in his solos, even if his expression was totally blank. Dancing for him looks like a sorrowful duty which bring him no joy at all.
The choreography was remarkable for all the soloists and the male groups, less convincing for the corps de ballet. At the end of scene two in act one, just before the divertissement of “The four seasons”, a wild cancan bore the imprint of Roland Petit’s style. The music was played by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra conducted by Giuseppe Mega and was a great pleasure of the evening. Alas the theatre was dramatically empty.

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  RE: Guérin & Murru in Bart's "Verdiana" Viviane 17-10-01 1
     RE: Guérin & Murru in Bart's "Verdiana" Susy 17-10-01 2

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17-10-01, 10:08 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Guérin & Murru in Bart's "Verdiana""
In response to message #0
   >Alas the theatre was dramatically empty.

Oh ! This is really a shame !
Susy, I can hardly believe it.
As far as I know it's sometimes impossible to obtain good tickets because of the season-ticket system in Florence.
And other performances for this Autumn are nearly sold out...

Nice to hear about Letizia Giuliani, I'm convinced we will hear more about her !
Do I have it right that she trained at Rome's Opera Balletschool under the direction of Elisabetta Terabust ?

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17-10-01, 01:37 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Guérin & Murru in Bart's "Verdiana""
In response to message #1
   Letizia Giuliani is the latest of Terabust's discoveries, who is really clever in detecting young talents. Giuliani did train at the Ballet school of the Opera in Rome. I was amazed by her command on stage beside a great star like Guérin.
At the performance I attended there were no season-ticket holders, so the audience should have been informed and lured otherwise. Maybe ballet in Italy requires more marketing actions, because there were no reviews at all on the newspapers about "Verdiana".

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