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Subject: "Vienna Festival Ballet - Swan Lake" Archived thread - Read only
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15-10-01, 02:17 PM (GMT)
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"Vienna Festival Ballet - Swan Lake"
   With reference to Janet's recent posting one why we go to the ballet, I am not sure why I went to see the above at Ipswich Regent last Thursday. Probably partly out of curiosity and partly because of a feeling that, whatever the merits of tackling big classical ballets on meagre resources, live dance performances - rare enough in my locality - ought to be supported. I had no great expectations, and the standard of the dancing was variable to say the least. Injury or illness had also struck, so that there were four men in the cast instead of five (the Jester had to do the Act 1 pas de trois) and only eight swans in place of the advertised ten!

In spite of the limitations, however, the Odette-Odile was really quite good - vulnerable as Odette, confident and glamorous as Odile. No flashy extensions, and she didn't manage all the fouettes, but the mime was clearly told, and the Act 2 duet (although shorn of some lifts) was danced very tenderly. The dancer was called Anya Willis, but, infuriatingly, there were no programme notes giving any of the dancers' cv's. Does anyone know anything about Miss Willis' background?

Incidentally, a neighbour I ran into in the interval said that she felt she had been transported into another world. If only a fraction of the sizeable audience felt the same, and go on to explore that world further, surely that's no bad thing.

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