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Subject: "Latest Review Links - wb 8 October 2001" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

08-10-01, 07:53 AM (GMT)
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"Latest Review Links - wb 8 October 2001"
Each day we add the latest links to reviews and interviews that we find on the major newspaper web sites. If you find a link that we have missed do please post it up, preferably as a URL link.

For convenience here is a link to last weeks thread:

We should not need to state this but these links are for our readers use and not for other websites to take and pass off as their own. We ask all visitors to respect Ballet.co's site and the way it operates.

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  RE: Latest Review Links - wb 8 October 2001 Bruce Madmin 08-10-01 1
     RE: Links - Monday 8 October 2001 Brendan 08-10-01 2
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             RE: Wednesday links - 10 October jhanner 10-10-01 6
                 RE: Thursday links - 11 October Ann Williams 11-10-01 7
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                         RE: Friday links - 12 October Ann Williams 12-10-01 9
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                             RE: Sunday links - 14 October Viviane 14-10-01 15

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Bruce Madmin

08-10-01, 07:55 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Latest Review Links - wb 8 October 2001"
In response to message #0
Gerorge Piper Dances
How we met: Michael Nunn & Billy Trevitt
Independent on Sunday - United Kingdom; Oct 7, 2001, Via FT site (Not on Indie site yet)
Michael Nunn: "Both of us had fallen out of love with the Royal Ballet long before we got the call from Ted . But leaving was scary none the less. I mean, the Royal Ballet is the best, isn't it? It was harder for Billy because he has a wife and kids. For me, I was never in it for the money. If it failed, I'd flip burgers for a while."
By Jenny Gilbert

Jonathan Burrows, Jan Ritsema
Weak Dance Strong Questions
ICA, London
"Burrows and Ritsema have undertaken interesting and necessary research into the fringes of dance expression, and have shown what truths can be told when the spotlight of virtuosity is turned right down."
By Judith Mackrell

According to the Guardian (via FT site) it's the birthday today of Dame Merle Park, principal, Royal Ballet, and director, Royal Ballet School:

Mariinsky Theater
219th season - More festivals, fewer premieres
... and not much to be said about ballet it seems - Opera, opera, opera.
by Galina Stolyarova

From the Sydney Morning Herald: "Welcome to the 56th South Pacific Dance Floor Championships at Homebush Bay, an annual glamfest of frocks and shocks, held in late September. Outsiders could be forgiven for thinking that they had stepped onto the set of Strictly Ballroom, but this competition and the sport of ballroom dancing is bigger than any one film".

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08-10-01, 02:16 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Links - Monday 8 October 2001"
In response to message #1
   Two more:

According to the Scotsman, Members of the Scottish Parliament are to challenge the merger between Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet

The Chicago Tribune reports that Joffrey Ballet has rehearsed Firebird with a rock band to see if it could work in an actual performance. "After some brief introductions, the music begins, but not in the lush orchestral strains now beloved by so many concertgoers. This "Sacre," or "The Rite of Spring," comes out in guitar plunks and drumbeats, courtesy of a Chicago quartet called the Butcher Shop. Translating the Stravinsky masterpiece into rock is a pet project; now they strum through their rendition while the Joffrey dancers enact their pounding, primitivist "Rite," a tribal explosion made even more forceful by this contemporary frisson".

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Bruce Madmin

09-10-01, 07:40 AM (GMT)
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3. "Tuesday Links - 9th October"
In response to message #0
Ready for their close-up
Millions watched their antics as TV's Ballet Boyz. Now they want to be taken seriously with their own troupe
"We are not another ballet company," says Nunn, 34. "We are going to fill a gap in the market where the repertoire we’re doing will be strong enough to interest a non-dance audience. More of a theatre audience than a classical ballet audience, although I hope we will still attract them too. I want people who go to The Lion King, who go to the cinema and the Royal Opera House."

RB in Australia
Man beside the pointe for 24 years of dance
Advance party ... Anthony Russell-Roberts is preparing for the Royal Ballet's tour. A Covent Garden veteran visits Sydney to prepare for the Royal Ballet tour, writes Valerie Lawson.
"Russell-Roberts, noting "it is very sad that we lost Sarah Wildor", recalls that "when Anthony came in we lost 10 or 12 people in the first nine months". Wildor had left because she anticipated "there won't be enough opportunity for her in the rep in future".

Is modern dance adrift?
Across Britain, huge sums are being spent upgrading old dance centres and building smart new ones. But Ismene Brown wonders whether such places will improve the quality of dance performance itself
"t was only three months ago that the Policy Studies Centre announced that 4.3 per cent of the population attended modern dance in 1998-99. That sounds a small proportion against the 22 per cent who went to the theatre. Yet it still translates into 2.5 million people.
All these new centres boast dance courses for Joe Bloggs, from hip hop and tango to "same-sex salsa", to satisfy "community needs", but also because it is hoped that these hobby dancers will swell audiences for the professional product."

Steps ahead
The lottery is pouring £40 million into dance centres around the UK
"Three of the projects open this autumn. All contain state-of-the-art facilities. Their common goal? To usher a sometimes marginalised, frequently misunderstood art form into the 21st century in spectacular fashion."

Mal Pelo
Riley Theatre, Leeds
By Stephanie Ferguson
"....He is obsessed with desire; she, however, is hooked on death. The tree ends up as a pile of kindling. Mal Pelo are witty, imaginative and gentle, and perform with great commitment. This was a rare chance to see one of Spain's finest dance exports."

Royal Ballet of Flanders
Shaky kick-off to the season
"About Death and Fire, which opens the evening, I have many reservations. It is interesting in being the work of a choreographer from Beijing, Xin Peng Wang, who has worked with the free-dance gurus in Essen, and is now resident in Germany. This is an odd combination - academic form as basis for expressionistic decoration"

An Experimental Work, Overwhelmed by Topicality
"Like many experimental Japanese theater and dance companies established since World War II, Mr. Shimizu's Tokyo troupe, founded in 1985, specializes in nearly wordless but physically demanding productions. Its performers are dancers as well as actors who move with great intensity, and usually in slow motion, through scenes notable for their grotesque imagery."

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Ann Williams

10-10-01, 08:41 AM (GMT)
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4. "RE: Wednesday links - 10 October"
In response to message #3
   Jonathan Burrows, ICA Theatre, London
John Percival (Independent)
'Burrows uses his hands a lot, not only for gestures but touching his own arms, chest, face and less mentionable parts as if to assure himself they are still there. (Of course, there may be a more metaphorical purpose such as the exploration of selfhood.) Meanwhile his feet jiggle about, seemingly challenging his balance or mobility. Now and again he does some little jumps, even sometimes a ballet step.'

THE ARTS: Ballet season gets off on the wrong foot DANCE ANTWERP:
Financial Times; Oct 10, 2001

'In Antwerp, the adventurous Royal Ballet of Flanders presented two new pieces in its Theater 'T Eilandje: unfussed, functional, and with splendid sight-lines. As ever, Robert Denvers' ensemble is alert, quick in response to choreography, clean in manner - it is a very attractive company. But these artists deserved better.'

From the Washington Post: "The Man who is Martha Graham". A portrait of Richard Move who has been impersonating Martha Graham for the last six years and who will be in London on 4th and 5th November as part of the Dance Umbrella season . "Martha had such an attitude about men," Move says. "She saw woman as the center of the universe, and men were just two-dimensional sex objects."

And Deirdre Jowitt on Suzanne Farrell Ballet from the Village Voice.

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10-10-01, 08:56 AM (GMT)
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5. "RE: Wednesday links - 10 October"
In response to message #4
   A few words and a couple of pictures of Darcey Bussell with her daughter:

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10-10-01, 09:30 AM (GMT)
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6. "RE: Wednesday links - 10 October"
In response to message #5
   Poor Darcey - I didn't realise that she had such difficulties with the birth but at least mum and baby are ok now.


Bit irrelevant this but thought I'd put it in all the same -Piece on Wayne Sleep and his PA

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Ann Williams

11-10-01, 08:27 AM (GMT)
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7. "RE: Thursday links - 11 October"
In response to message #6
   Ismene Brown reviews Richard Alston performing at The Place, WC1 and Jonathan Burrows performing at the ICA
'One is reminded by the gorgeous moves of Soda Lake, the 20-year-old solo that completed the bill, what a generous choreographic imagination Alston can draw on when he wants to. The Schumann work hints that maybe he is once again ready to draw big confident lines, and has done with scribbling repressively.'Http://www.telegraph.co.uk/et?ac=000148269364269&rtmo=VrsJV8JK&atmo=99999999&pg=/et/01/10/11/btinfl11.html

From the Glasgow Herald a feature on Rambert's 75th anniversary programme with quotes from Chrisopher Bruce and Wayne MacGregor: "With Rambert, you get a kind of synthesis between the contemporary dance vocabulary and ballet language. You don't really get that with the Royal Ballet.

From the Chicago Sun-Times, Hedy Weiss writes on the Joffrey Ballet's presentation of the conconstruction of Nijinsky's 'Rite of Spring':
'They are working with their legs and feet turned in, as if rooted in the earth. Their arms and torsos are bent into angular, archaic, two-dimensional positions radically different from those of traditional classical ballet. And a sense of primal terror and mystery hangs in the air.'

Herbert Ross, who directed The Turning Point, is dead. Here'san obituary from the Sydney Morning Herald.
And from closer to home....
Herbert Ross
A choreographer turned Broadway director, he carved a niche in Hollywood producing high-gloss entertainment films
Brian Baxter

Herbert Ross (from the Independent)

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Ann Williams

11-10-01, 12:20 PM (GMT)
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8. "RE: Thursday links - 11 October"
In response to message #7
   I found this in Culturekiosque, but as it is dated 2 April there is a danger that you may already have seen it - if so, please forgive me. I'm posting it now because it is a fascinating review of Lynn Garafola's 'The Ballets Russes and its World' by Patricia Boccadero, who alleges some inaccuracies:


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Ann Williams

12-10-01, 08:41 AM (GMT)
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9. "RE: Friday links - 12 October"
In response to message #8
   The Evening Standard on George Piper Dances. "The venture is a brave one, but if it falls flat on its pancaked face, as is possible, there will be those who reckon that Trevitt and Nunn had it coming".

Though this Independent piece is not specifically about dance, it is fascinating enough to incluude:
Stravinsky at his most radical
In both versions of his Symphonies of Wind Instruments, Stravinsky offered his greatest challenge to Western music. Bayan Northcott reveals the tangled story of their creation

From the Independent again:
Gerd Larsen
12 October 2001

Umbrella Festival; London BY ALLEN ROBERTSON (The Times)

From the Miami Herald:
Ballet renowned everywhere except at home
The prophet is without honour in his own country as far as Miami City Ballet is concerned, it seems.. 'I always marvel at how many people won't stop chatting to sit down before the next ballet starts. Or how many patrons don't bother to applaud even breathtaking dancing.'


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12-10-01, 05:15 PM (GMT)
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10. "RE: Friday links - 12 October"
In response to message #9
   And this link to a story by the designer of the costumes for George Piper


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13-10-01, 06:22 AM (GMT)
Click to EMail Brendan Click to send private message to Brendan Click to add this user to your buddy list  
11. "RE: Saturday links - 13 October"
In response to message #10
   There are obituaries in several papers for Richard Buckle, former ballet critic of the Sunday Times. According to the Times: "He was the master of the memorable phrase, debunking the annual return of one of ballet’s most sacred cows with the offhand comment that “we are one more Nutcracker nearer death”. And the catchphrase sometimes attributed to Nureyev’s stage door fans, “We want Rudi, preferably in the nudi”, was actually an invention of his".

Roy Strong contributes a rather salty obituary to the Guardian. It focuses primarily on Buckle's talent as an exhibition organiser, but also on his quality as a writer. "He made a signal contribution during a period when the style of the emergent national school was being defined: "The Russian dancers dance with their whole bodies: the British do not". But his attack on choreographer Frederick Ashton and composer Constant Lambert's Tiresias in 1951 was deeply resented, particularly as Lambert died shortly after. As the years progressed, the quality of his writing became increasingly uneven. "I should have been a better critic had I not been drunk at the time," sadly summed up where it had got to by 1972. "

The Independent says of Buckle: "He never lacked friends, though undoubtedly his unbridled tongue, or his prodigal pen, made him enemies. He enjoyed ballet and dancers voraciously and became hooked on the Diaghilev myth; art had to be sophisticated, decadent and, if possible, outrageous."

Clement Crisp in the FT on the reopening of The Place...."Robin Howard's hopes realised after 30 years. What a great man, and what a visionary he was".

The Age enthuses at Quick Brown Fox, a collaboration between Leigh Warren and Dancers and Ballett Frankfurt's artistic director, William Forsythe. "Whoever thinks that ballet is an antiquated art form, Warren and Forsythe prove the lie. This is 21st century ballet". http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/2001/10/13/FFXUUISVOSC.html

The Scotsman on Les Ballets C de la B’s "9x9"

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14-10-01, 07:07 AM (GMT)
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12. "RE: Sunday links - 14 October"
In response to message #11
   David Dougill of the Sunday Times finds endless opportunities for creativity at the redeveloped Place, but limited evidence of it in the opening programme by Richard Alston.

Jann Parry on Richard Alston, Ballet Imaginaire and Weak Dance, Strong Questions. "Ballet Imaginaire provides undemanding entertainment. Phantom of the Ballet, in which the ingénue is a dancer instead of a singer, tells its story clearly in serviceable choreography, mostly by McGee herself. The cast of 20 knows how to dance on a modest scale. This is ballet as cartoon - bland but not risible".

Christopher Bowen of Scotland on Sunday interviews Mark Morris ahead of his company's visit to the UK

The NY Times on a new generation of gifted male contemporary dancers. "Many men who would have previously joined ballet companies now opt for modern dance to achieve a more personal sense of artistic fulfillment. They are able to retain the techniques required of ballet but use them to express a 21st century sensibility rather than one from the 19th"

The choreographer Eliot Feld writes for the NY Times on the diminished stigma attaching to men in ballet. "A long-standing rap on male ballet dancers is that we're all gay. "Are there in fact more gay men in ballet than in other walks of life? Since ballet has been my universe since age 11 and I've never worked in a bank, been a cop, a fireman, a lawyer or a paleontologist on a university faculty, I have no way of knowing and really don't care. More important, the general public has a growing unconcern. There is, fortunately, a diminishing stigma attached to homosexuality. Imagine, if you can, a gay pride parade in 1954. J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn would have been apoplectic, the rumors of their sexual preference notwithstanding. "Are you now or have you ever been" would have meant something else entirely".

The Royal National Scottish Orchestra censors a performance of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, because, according to the Sunday Times Scottish editions, the RSNO's education officer, Paul Rissmann, has decided that the description of a duck being swallowed whole by a wolf is too violent for young children. He has also removed a scene which featured an orchestral rendition of gunfire because he believed that, too, was inappropriate.

The Chicago Sun-Times on Joffrey Ballet's triple bill, "The Nijinksky Mystique"

In its 'News in Brief' section, the Frankfurter Allgemeine reports that Vladimir Malakhov of ABT is to be the new Artistic Director of the Berlin Staatsoper Ballet.
Link to article

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14-10-01, 10:44 AM (GMT)
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13. "RE: Sunday links - 14 October"
In response to message #12
   Only noticed this when I actually bought the papers;
From the Sunday Times: Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt on their decision to leave the Royal Ballet several years ago. "Three years later, and they're still having trouble finding enough boys. But nobody came to talk to us. Nobody asked if we were unhappy, or why. They simply couldn't believe we would do it, I think, because they hadn't even started looking around for replacements. Then, when we went to resign, Anthony took it very personally, for some reason, and went spare." As for their fellow dan-cers: "Half seemed to be in a state of shock, and the other half were sidling up asking for jobs," says Trevitt. "None of them held it against us or blamed us," adds Nunn. "Or if they did, they didn't have the balls to say."

Not online. Louise Levene on Richard Alston and Jonathan Burrows in the Telegraph. She was unenthused by Alston's programme at the Place ("no sense of occasion")and downright hostile to Burrows' Weak Dance Strong Questions. "By all means let Burrows explore such things in the studio, but if he genuinely imagines that they are worth sharing with a paying audience then I fear that this sincere and intelligent choreographer is in grave danger of disappearing up his own process"

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Jane S

14-10-01, 11:07 AM (GMT)
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14. "RE: Sunday links - 14 October"
In response to message #13
   Although it's about music rather than dance, I think this is worth reading: it shows that it's not only boys who want to do ballet who have problems with their peers.


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14-10-01, 12:29 PM (GMT)
Click to EMail Viviane Click to send private message to Viviane Click to view user profileClick to add this user to your buddy list  
15. "RE: Sunday links - 14 October"
In response to message #14
   Thank you for this link Jane !
You can easily replace the word 'music' by 'dance'....

And I especially love this :
"Children who come here live and breathe music. They can't help it."
and :
"There's always the fear that they will be disappointed, that they won't get as far as they want. It's a hard road that they have chosen to take, but they've chosen it and we have to encourage them for as long as they keep going."

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