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Subject: "Trocks programme 2, 4/10/01" Archived thread - Read only
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04-10-01, 10:16 PM (GMT)
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"Trocks programme 2, 4/10/01"
   Just a quick reaction to the Trocks' second programme, on at the Peacock Theatre this week and next. This is probably the best programme I've ever seen the boys do: slightly disappointing that for whatever reason Raymonda's Wedding was replaced by Swan Lake Act II, the impact of which varies when you've already seen it umpteen times, but as for the rest, well ...

The mystery pas de deux was Le Corsaire, seriously well danced by, I think, Sylphia Belchick and Pepe Dufka, followed by a good chunk from La Vivandière, with the amazing Nadia Rombova (probably nearly 7 foot on pointe - her partner's supporting arms were virtually at the level of his shoulders!) doing what I am informed was a very good take-off of Anastasia Volochkova at Sadler's Wells last week. Lovely to see some snatches of history for a change - some very attractive choreography. Then there was the Dying Swan - if you've seen Ida Nevasayneva dance it before you'll know what she's like; otherwise, just go and see it!

The final piece was Gaité Parisienne (another great chance to see this rarely-performed work) in which the dancers could really let their hair down. In particular I have to mention Olga Supphozova in a supporting role as a cancan dancer - reckon she's been spending all her off-duty time in the cinema watching Moulin Rouge - tremendous. If you don't love the Trocks after this performance, I suppose you never will.

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     RE: Trocks programme 2, 4/10/01 Robert 08-10-01 2

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07-10-01, 02:46 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Trocks programme 2, 4/10/01"
In response to message #0
   I happened to see the 2nd Programme with Liz Davies, who was in Gaite Parisienne as a can-can girl originally.

She was very impressed!

I also thought the 2nd Programme was tremendous, with Liz's little girl Anastasia informing us that she would like to be a male ballet dancer when she grows up!

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08-10-01, 04:36 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Trocks programme 2, 4/10/01"
In response to message #1
   Woderful prgramme and such good dancing, but what an audience. In the intervals I wondered if I was the only male non gay. It was all very different from when I saw them at High Wycombe last year.

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