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Subject: "New RAD marking...does it work for the rest of the world?" Archived thread - Read only
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05-09-01, 05:21 PM (GMT)
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"New RAD marking...does it work for the rest of the world?"
I was reading the post below about the new RAD marking system for major work. I fully understand why it has been changed this way, and I am sure it works better for people in the UK. My only concern is that in North America, the understanding of the marking system is very different. At school, we go by these %'s
0-45% Fail (have not met criteria for pass)
46-50% D (a very poor mark, would not get you into university)
51-62% C ( minimal understanding of what is expected)
63-72% C+ (average understanding of what is expected)
73-86% B (good understanding)
87-100%A (excellent undestanding)
Most universities/colleges require mostly A's and B's rarely C's to get in.
I am sure by reading our marking system you can understand why we would feel below 50% is a fail. I wonder how this will go over with North Americans...I know that if I were a student from here that got below 50% and passed my RAD I would still be disapointed! I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks Diane

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