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Subject: "Scottish Ballet "A Contemporary Company"?" Archived thread - Read only
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31-08-01, 09:59 PM (GMT)
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"Scottish Ballet "A Contemporary Company"?"
   Over the last fortnight Scottish Ballet announced their "Executive Decision"!!! to become a Contemporary based Company alone. Is this the way ahead for a Company that is supposed to be a "National Company" bringing the arts to the Scottish General Public.
Surely the basis of this Art form was purely Classical with "Contemporary" merely a spin-off, so to speak. Does the Scottish paying public have to travel to another Country to enjoy the delights of Classical Ballet..?
As the parent of a Scottish Ballet Senior Associate Pupil I am extremely worried that the education of possible future dancers will be irretrievably hampered if the basic classical training is lost. It was a major step ahead for youngsters when this scheme started up but was it all in vain.
Scottish Ballet is partially funded by the Scottish public,what happens when the public vote with their feet and avoid productions does that mean the end of Scottish Ballet, is the Company there for the people or for the "Board and Executive" who try to run it.
I do not maintain that Scottish Ballet should solely be a Classical Company, at the moment the Company is very successfully combining both Classical and Contemporary Productions in it's programmes. Why change something that is very clearly successful.

Let me know what you think.

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  RE: Scottish Ballet "A Contemporary Company"? Kevin 31-08-01 1

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31-08-01, 11:48 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Scottish Ballet "A Contemporary Company"?"
In response to message #0
   Hi Moraig.
I have been a classically trained dancer( who performed , what some would consider.........contemp') for the best part of my life. The decission by the SAC to have a contemp' company, I have to say sounds very positive.Its a great shame that the classical side has to suffer , both from a former dancers point of view and from an audience point of view.However some one in there great wisdom is clutching at straws.and has decided that this has to be the way forward.(good luck)
I find it very strange that Robert North , who's back ground surley speaks for itself, has been asked to remove himself , not only from the company, but the country, and yet they continue to persue exactly what Bob North is about.????!!!???
As far as training of young dancers in Classical ballet for the future......I don't think you have to worry. There are many teachers on your side of the boarder who will continue to uphold the basics and technique that is required to perform as a dancer in todays arena.
I'm sorry that your loosing your Classical Company. What a history!!
For many years now , I presume, Scottish Arts Council has given sponsership to what it believed to be the right cause.They should be congratulated!!!!!!!. But , as I said previously,some one thinks differntly , and that's that.
Perhaps they have more money than sense?
Lets come back to this in 5 years time when the incoming Directors job is up for grabs.
Good Luck

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