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Subject: "Silly Season over I hope!" Archived thread - Read only
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eugene merrett

31-08-01, 02:41 PM (GMT)
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"Silly Season over I hope!"
   This August has been marred by some downright unpleasant and quite posting. I know this is the silly season with no ballet on but it was very surprising to see so many extraordinary posts.

Mercifully the ballet season begins (well in London at least) the the BRB coming down - maybe that will mark the end of the strange posting.

I have totally missed the row over Critical Dance - much as i would like to know more about it I think it best that the matter is closed! I would say that I do know that Stuart Sweeney would NEVER intentionally cause distress to ballet.co.uk website.

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  RE: Silly Season over I hope! Bruce Madmin 01-09-01 1

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Bruce Madmin

01-09-01, 04:52 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Silly Season over I hope!"
In response to message #0
   I have now added the CD statetement and our own concluding thoughts to the original post and locked that thread again.

Having asked us all to avoid further comment ad debate I feel it wise to also lock this thread. One personís reasonable point is anotherís Ďred-rag to a bullí. We need to move on.

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