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Subject: "Ranking???" Archived thread - Read only
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13-08-01, 03:34 PM (GMT)
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   Can someone explain the differences between the RB ranking levels?
perhaps with what roles someone at one level would and wouldn't perform.
Especially what the difference between being a 'first' something rather than just a something.

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  RE: Ranking??? alison 16-08-01 1

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16-08-01, 01:06 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ranking???"
In response to message #0
   Oh dear, that's a toughie, since casting is pretty fluid at the Royal. For instance, Belinda Hatley danced her first Sugar Plum Fairy when she was only a (First?) Artist, and various other dancers have had high-profile roles when they've been in the bottom ranks. Current RB thinking seems to be that the Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty is a sub-principal role, which I think a great shame - you need someone with sufficient presence to be able to stand up against Carabosse. Generally speaking, up to and including First Soloist level, you will have to do corps de ballet work, whereas Principals don't. Presumably Zenaida Yanowsky will therefore not be seen as a Big Swan again! Principals will only do roles which are deemed, shall we say, sufficiently exalted for them, which is why I made comments preducting that Alina Cojocaru would have very little to do performance-wise until the end of the summer season once she was promoted to Principal (pas de trois and Neapolitan Dance seem to be the only things available in Swan Lake, and Vera in Month in the Country; I don't think I've yet seen Prayer or Aurora in Coppelia danced by a principal, for example; yet the minor fairies in Sleeping Beauty have been danced by principals in the past). It's all very confusing, really.

(The ranking is:
First Artist
First Soloist

Soloist level is generally the one at which you really start to get noticed, because as the name suggests you'll be doing quite a few solos, but that doesn't mean that Artists won't get solos. Usually by the time you get to First Soloist you'd be doing the odd leading role and major supporting roles, but still in the corps if necessary. The hierarchy at the Royal is so loose, however, that it's difficult to give any hard and fast rules. For example, this year the 4 supporting fairies in The Dream have been cast at virtually every level of the company from Artist up to First Soloist, and for the first night I seem to remember we had 3 First Soloists, which was really surprising for such minor roles.

Hope this is of some help.

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