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Subject: "We can all be Big Brother" Archived thread - Read only
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Trog Woolley

08-08-01, 12:56 PM (GMT)
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"We can all be Big Brother"
   How many of us have considered "Big Brother: The Ballet"? Well judging by the following article from The Australian 3 Aug 2001, it is very close to being a reality.

Tights in lights: Those of us who get our kicks watching others work can catch glimpses of Nicole Rhodes, Steven Heathcote and other principal dancers of the Australian Ballet sweating at the barre in morning class. Take a peak inside the AB's rehearsal studios via the newly installed webcam at www.australianballet.com.au, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30am to 11:45am.

I have not tried this for myself; my clockwork computer isn't up to loading live images. If anyone cares to have a look and share their opinions on the quality of the images, I would be most interested. This might be a resource ballet teachers could use to good effect. My ballet teachers often show us photos of dancers doing the perfect arabesque, releve, etc. to show us what we are aiming for.

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  RE: We can all be Big Brother eugene merrett 08-08-01 1

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eugene merrett

08-08-01, 02:13 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: We can all be Big Brother"
In response to message #0
   Better still! A recreation of the Big Brother TV series but set to ballet. Get a compilation of the all the fimed sequences and turn them into ballet movements.

Can anyone suggest who will play Nasty Nick!

(sorry if I am terribly out of date - but I refuse to read the latest on what's doing in the most recent series AND I DO NOT watch it at all)

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