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Subject: "Ballet as "hetrosexist"" Archived thread - Read only
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eugene merrett

20-07-01, 02:43 PM (GMT)
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"Ballet as "hetrosexist""
   Having been chastened by Bruce for putting on a non-ballet posting I feel obliged to "make up" with an amusing story about ballet I remembered about 7 years ago. (if this has already been put on this site I apologize again!).

The Paul Hamlyn Trust asked the Headmistress of a primary school to distribute tickets to Romeo and Juliet to her pupils. She flatly rejected them saying that R and J is "blatently hetro-sexist."

This display of political correctness gone made the news paper headlines. It became apparent the the head mistress is a lesbian and that in her school hetro-sexuality is not to be "presumed".

After being comprehensively riduculed by the press she decided to change tack saying that R and J was unsuitable because it had elements of "gang warefare!!!". This is like saying that the any film about the holocaust is unsuitable because it has anti-semetic content!

So what starts off a an act of high minded politically correctness decends to to downright dishonesty of the worst sort.

But her worse crime is the way she was determined to impose her views of other people. It must be a real thrill for children to get these tickets and she would seek to deny them this because RandJ does not conform to her views!

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  RE: Ballet as "hetrosexist" Stuart Sweeney 22-07-01 1

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Stuart Sweeney

22-07-01, 05:45 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ballet as "hetrosexist""
In response to message #0
   I remember thinking at the time that it was a very foolish series of actions by this Headmistress. I have to say that I find nothing amusing in the story.

Maybe the story was noteworthy as heterophobia is relatively rare, whereas homophobia is so widespread as to be unremarkable. In hopes of a world without any such prejudice.

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