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Subject: "Ballet and dance in Italy" Archived thread - Read only
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06-07-01, 12:14 PM (GMT)
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"Ballet and dance in Italy"
   I am a newcomer to ballet, and to posting too! Ballet is a new interest in my life and I hope to stay enthusiastic about it when I am living and studying in Italy, starting in August. What is the Italian dance scene like? Which companies are good to see? Do international companies tour there often? I have noticed several posts for dance festivals (Spoleto, Verona, Florence) and so I hope there is lots of dance in Italy to be enjoyed.

Thank you in advance for your help,


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  RE: Ballet and dance in Italy Susy 06-07-01 1

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06-07-01, 01:45 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ballet and dance in Italy"
In response to message #0
   Most of the postings about Italy are written by me, so I feel compelled to answer you.
After some awful experiences I gave up with contemporary dance and restricted my interest to ballet only. This is rather frustrating because the good performances are quite a rarity.
While in the past nearly all the opera theatres had their own company, now only Milan (the best one), Florence, Rome, Trieste, Verona, Naples and Palermo still have one. These remaining companies have rosters of very old dancers, as ballerinas retire at 47 and male dancers retire at 52.
Luckily we have very good dancers, who had to boost their career abroad in order to perform often enough and when they are back home they cannot be missed. They broadened their repertory, studied with different teachers, partnered various dancers and finally developed their own style: all this effort is really worth.
In our theatres we usually see international companies, mainly the Russian minor ones. Only Turin, Genoa and Reggio Emilia usually offer leading companies.
Are you fluent enough with the Italian language? There is a new website which is interesting enough, moreover they will soon have also a presentation in English. The address is www.balletto.net
Welcome to Italy!

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