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Subject: "What's an ideal Swan Lake?" Archived thread - Read only
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30-06-01, 11:25 PM (GMT)
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"What's an ideal Swan Lake?"
   Seeing Lopatkina and Gumerova (Kirov, visiting at Covent Garden) essay Odette/Odile in quick succession this week has set me thinking...what would the ideal Swan Lake - cast, production, design, choreography, the works - be?
I suggest:
Odette: Markarova, Elizabeth Platel, or Lopatkina, if we're talking living memory. Otherwise I'd go for Semeyonova or Sokolova. Maybe Kolpakova? Gelsey Kirkland?
Odile: Definately Markarova...check out the RB video of her and Dowell in the Ballroom scene. Now, there's a ballerina who can do sex on stage. But then I've yet to see Guillem's Odile. Maybe Terekhova or Chechikova would have been worth dying for too. Historic: I go for Danilova, with a sneaking curiosity about Maria Tallchief's Odile.
Siegfried: Dowell, for all his great acting abilities, doesn't quite do it for me. Not sure who to nominate in his place - although I'll happily keep going with Korsuntsev who's currently on show at CG in the meantime. Maybe Patrice Bart?
Design: anything so long as it's not Sonnabend. Please! And no mechanical swans - Kirov, take note. Did Nicholas Giordiadis ever to Swan Lake?
Choreography: prefer RB to Kirov/Bolshoi version for the Ballroom scene. And definately Ashton's tarantella over the Kirov's version - always assuming there's a worthy successor to Wayne Sleep on offer. On the other hand, hard to see anything beating Kirov when it comes to the Mazurka and the Czardas. How Ruritanian can you get?
Jester: to have or not to have. That is the question. Not sure about the answer...keep him in but cut out the air kissy kissy stuff the Kirov are indulging in.
One last thing: Swan Lake's a tragedy. Junk the happy ending, Kirov.

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  RE: What's an ideal Swan Lake? Tomoko.A 30-06-01 1

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30-06-01, 11:52 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: What's an ideal Swan Lake?"
In response to message #0
   With regard to the ending, I would normally go for tragic ones. But I like the Kirov's simple version with the happy ending too and I don't like the RB's tragic ending. That ending is supposed to be tragic but I don't feel like it.

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