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Subject: "Sleeping Beauty" Archived thread - Read only
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15-06-01, 10:04 AM (GMT)
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"Sleeping Beauty"
   Went to see the Kirov's Sleeping Beauty last night - and I have to say I was really disappointed.
I'm new to ballet and am by no means an expert, but their dancing was so jerky and graceless compared to the Royal Ballet's. There was absolutely no passion and magic in the production, and it felt really flat. Svetlana Thingy who was Aurora had some staggering twirls (technical terms) in Act 1 which were fabulous, but the prince did nothing except prance around a bit, and then do some lovely old Russian jumps, and we came away really disappointed, and, for ballet beginners, that says quite a lot! I think we're so lucky to have the Royal Ballet on our doorstep!!

The thing that REALLY disturbed me though was the Queen's lipstick!! My word, CAKED on!!!

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