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Subject: "Rambert's 75th at Sadler's" Archived thread - Read only
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Bruce Madmin

15-06-01, 08:02 AM (GMT)
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"Rambert's 75th at Sadler's"
   A belated posting to encourage a trip to Sadler's Wells to see Rambert celibrate their 75th anniversary. They have a 2 week run and this week the programme features a Jeremy James piece (Cheese), Kylian's Symphony of Psalms (which NDT brought over 2 years ago) and Bruce's Rooster - which as usual went down a storm and I love to bits. Psalms I think is an excellent acquisition for the company, but a complex piece which will take a while to settle into. The James left me cold I'm afraid - I just don't see much distinction between it and the dancing you would see in a club. However I am not expert in these matters!

All in all a typically interesting, varied and inspired Rambert programme I reckon.

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  RE: Rambert's 75th at Sadler's Ann Williams 15-06-01 1
  RE: Rambert's 75th at Sadler's alison 15-06-01 2
     RE: Rambert's 75th at Sadler's A.K 16-06-01 3

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Ann Williams

15-06-01, 11:25 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Rambert's 75th at Sadler's"
In response to message #0
I was there on Wednesday, and quite apart from enjoying the show - especially Kylian's 'Symphony of Psalms - I greatly enjoyed my sister's reaction to the redesigned Sadler's Wells. She had not been to the Wells for many years as she now lives in San Francisco, and she simply couldn't get over the transformation. I did not see her in either interval as she seemed to be floating from floor to floor admiring the glass walls and the sunny display of trees turning Rosebery Avenue into something resembling a stage set. She was thrilled with it all, but mostly with the fact that, once inside the theatre, SW has retained its old-time grandeur, making a graceful contrast with all the high-tech glamour outside.

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15-06-01, 05:55 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Rambert's 75th at Sadler's"
In response to message #0
   Agree with you about the James piece. I thought the dancers hadn't fully settled into the Kylian style on the first night - certainly I found Symphony of Psalms rather less moving than when I saw NDT do it. Also Rooster I found less good than I'd seen previously - not sure whether it's just because I've seen it once too often - because it seemed to have less resonance than I remember. I'm sure in earlier performances (can't remember whether it was Rambert, LCDT or the Geneva version I saw on TV) I found bits of it more emotionally affecting than this time round (and I still miss Matthew HArt in the lead role!). I noted from the programme that Rambert's actually had quite a big influx of dancers over the last few years, and wondered whether some of them haven't really settled into the "feel" of some of the works yet? Or perhaps I'm just getting old ...

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16-06-01, 08:32 AM (GMT)
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3. "RE: Rambert's 75th at Sadler's"
In response to message #2
   I can't comment about the performance you saw Alison but they were on top form at last nights 75th performance and having spent several years watching NDT perform in Holland certainly last night was very true to Kylian and very moving. Martin Lindinger was an excellent Rooster-very different from Matthew Hart but a "true Rooster" and hugely enjoyable. I agree with you Bruce about Cheese but a great night out and I am looking forward to next weeks program. It was very moving last night when Christopher Bruce paid tribute to all who had worked with Rambert in whatever capacity over the years and asked them to stand and the audience applauded them and also at the end when all the Directors since Marie Rambert joined the cast on stage under a photo of Dame Marie - a very fitting end to a wonderful evening from this versatile , challenging and entertaining company who always seem to give of their best!

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