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Subject: "RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10)" Archived thread - Read only
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09-06-01, 02:00 PM (GMT)
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"RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10)"
This Royal Ballet season just keeps looking up and up! Well, I didn't think I'd ever see a Lise to top Leslie Collier, Tina Leblanc (w/Joffrey), or Fiona Chadwick (saw the former on video; the latter two "live")...but Miyako Yoshida did it for me. The audience around me, in the 2nd tier 'cheap seats' (well...not-so-cheap $50-55), went nuts for both Yoshida (as Lise) and the all-smiling Swedish up-and-coming soloist, Johan Persson (Colin), throughout the ballet. They were adorable! I *loved* Yoshida's soubrette acting in Act I, as well as Act II. Just as with her Swanhilda in 'Coppelia,' Yoshida is, to me, the perfect sparkling soubrette actress and dancer! She possesses both solid technique (for florid terre-a-terre dancing) and comic acting abilities. Brava!

The 'character men' (Widow Simone, Alain, etc.) were a hoot...and the corps of Lise's Girlfriends and Villagers danced with precision. The Rooster and 'harem of hens' were incomparable! (wink) One more important 'player' must be noted: The audience rocked!!!!

On to my final FILLE -- tonight's casing of Sarah Wildor and the ABT guest star, Ethan Stiefel, in the title roles. It will be interesting to compare this pair with Yoshida/Persson.

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  RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10) Jonny 09-06-01 1
     RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10) Wendy Glavis 09-06-01 2
         RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10) Jeannie 10-06-01 3
             RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10) Jeannie 10-06-01 4

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09-06-01, 04:00 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10)"
In response to message #0
   Jeannie, Thanks for all the great RB updates. (Both on Ballet alert and here!) I'm glad RB is doing so well and that Yoshida is really shining over there. What do you think the future holds for Alina?
Anyway, can't wait for more!

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Wendy Glavis

09-06-01, 05:16 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10)"
In response to message #1
   Yes, thanks from me, too, Jeannie. You are a gem!

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10-06-01, 01:15 PM (GMT)
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3. "RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10)"
In response to message #2
Last night (Saturday, 6/9 eve.) indeed saw a wonderful pairing of Wildor and Stiefel in the leads. Stiefel was particularly brilliant, in both technique and comic acting abilities. While I am a big Wildor fan -- and happen to think that she has one of the most stunning faces in ballet -- I was a tad disappointed by her dancing, when compared to all of the ladies I've seen in the far- or recent-past (noted above, in my post on Friday's performance). Quite simply, Wildor has more cotton than steel in her points (as if a Sylph is 'going country' for a week-end)...then again, it's hard to find anyone with the crisp, "taquatee" pointe work of Collier and Yoshida. Wildor muddied many of the allegro, filligreed footwork phrases in Act I but she did improve as the night went on.

Stiefel was spectacular, especially in that dance with the two bottles of wine, in front of the Entr'Acte curtain (between acts I and II).

The lead character dancers (Widow Simone and Alain) were way over the top for my taste...but still very funny. I give my "Personal Honors" in those two roles to the dancers who I saw in the Joffrey version in the 1980s -- Stanley Holden as Simone and Mark Goldweber as Alain. They're really hard to erase from my memory.

Finally, a word about the corps. The corps de ballet of the RB is at a very high point in its life at present (as Dancing Times and many of you, here in Ballet.co, have noted recently). I can really note the improvement...sharpness, unison, esprit de corps. I am only sorry that we've been able to enjoythem, here in DC, only in FILLE, as the mixed-bill of works, earlier, offered very little corps dancing.

Final Word: What a 'felicitous' tour! (for my favourite Financial Times critic) I hope that we can welcome the Royals back to DC soon!

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10-06-01, 02:55 PM (GMT)
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4. "RE: RB 'Rocks' DC with 'Fille'!!! (reviews, 6/8-10)"
In response to message #3
   Forgot to add, above...

The Rooster and Four Hens have driven DC crazy...instant laughter whenever they appear. Even some applause in the midst of their initial dance, at the start of the ballet, last night!

Jonny - Cojocaru is indeed a lovely dancer. She didn't have many chances to shine in DC, although many of us saw her 'potential' in 'Symphonic Variations.' I, for one, am anxiously awaiting her first Aurora in 'Sleeping Beauty'...I fondly remember Cojocaru's performance of the Aurora-Act III vairation at the 1997 Moscow IBC, in which Cojocaru won a silver medal (just behind Maria Alexandrova, who won gold). We'll see WHO will be this year's 'Cojocaru-like' discovery....the quadrennial Moscow IBC is happening this week.

Wendy - Thanks for your kind words!! It was a GREAT season, warmly received by enthusiastic audiences. Hopefully, we'll see Darcey Bussell back, in full swing, with the troupe, on their next visit to DC. She was missed...but we realize that she has far more important matters on her agenda now. (wink-wink)

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