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Subject: "Bolshoi's Raymonda, 19/7" Archived thread - Read only
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20-07-99, 12:17 PM (GMT)
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"Bolshoi's Raymonda, 19/7"
   Just a few thoughts about last night's performance: very little story, just a peg to hang lots of great dancing and music on. I particularly liked the vision scene in the first act. Rather more tastefully designed than some Russian ballets I've seen in the past, although the second act was quite bright in parts, with some great character dances. Ananiashvili great in the title role; Jean de Brienne a bit of a difficult role to make much of, as it involves quite a bit of parading around in cloak and helmet. It also contains the most unconvincing swordfight I've ever seen in a ballet! How on earth J. actually managed to kill the Saracen like that I'll never know! A little disappointed with the third act, which I didn't feel lived up to the promise of the first two - the "mediaeval" long sleeves tended to get in the way of the dancing.

But as they say in the Michelin guides, "Vaut le visite". Performances today and tomorrow only.

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  RE: Bolshoi's Raymonda, 19/7 Eugene Merrett 20-07-99 1

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Eugene Merrett

20-07-99, 12:45 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Bolshoi's Raymonda, 19/7"
In response to message #0
   I rather liked it as well. OK it is brain dead and the sexist plot is hardly a poster - child for ballet as a serious art form. But it is easy on the eye and on the brain.

Nina is a must see dancer. She will perform again on Wednesday!

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