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Subject: "Leanne Benjamin" Archived thread - Read only
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21-05-01, 09:13 AM (GMT)
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"Leanne Benjamin"
   I was thrilled to see Leanne dance Titania Saturday, beautifull,a real star, a thrilling performance with Kobborg.My question is why Leanne gets so little press coverage,she is not mentioned in the new ballet dictionary, is it that the press do not like her or is it that the r.o.h press office is not giving out information to the dance critics. If any dancer with the R.B deserves more,it is she, please make her into a star, let her become a houshold name, such as Bussell and Wildor, its time she recieved the recognition she truly deserves.

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  RE: Leanne Benjamin Anneliese 21-05-01 1

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21-05-01, 01:02 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Leanne Benjamin"
In response to message #0
   I am a late convert to Leanne Benjamin - I'd been unimpressed with her technique on several occasions, but later realised that she was fighting injury (she seems to have been particularly injury-prone). I think you have to see her in the right part to look good - I never thought she'd be a great Swanilda (although I've seen her dance it both with ENB and the RB) but thought that her broadcast was beautifully done. Watching her on TV in Symph in C I was struck by her wonderful ballon; watching her in a Page work her dramatic skills shone through. She really shone in the masterclass of Firebird. I think maybe she suffered from being "the other dark one" when Durante was around?

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