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Subject: "dance innovations" Archived thread - Read only
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Philippe Mihailovic

17-05-01, 00:10 AM (GMT)
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"dance innovations"
   I received the attached email from a very talented dance lighting and set expert who I think should be brought to London. I think that the ICA may be the best venue. any suggestions please?

email received:
There are a couple of my own projects that are in development that could benefit from UK exposure or connections.

a) I am doing a digital photo exhibition in Switzerland in September about my work as a lighting artist with digital photos shot by me during productions. Most of them are dance related. The original idea was to present the images on individual LCD screens instead of using CybaChrome. The idea behind that, is to use the luminescence of the LCD screen to let the light become alive in the images. Because of financial constraints I had to reconsider and I will use now a 2000 lumens video projector with a programmed loop sequence. The project will be presented at the international Dance Festival in Bern and on the web. Anybody interested in presenting the photos in its original intentioned way is highly welcomed. I attaching a couple sample images to give you an idea of what it is about.

b) I am developing an interactive dance floor, where the movement of the people is analyzed and translated into midi signals for the use of controlling and influence lighting, sound, video or any other MIDI instrument.This development is based on an lighting installation I presented in France last year. This is a system without the people being tracked wearing a tracking device. It will be an open system where VJ,s Dj's, musicians and lighting artists can hook-in. It will first presented during the Festival de Nouvelle Danse here in Montreal during September. Anybody interested in the UK in presenting such a system or people interested in using it can contact me.

c) generally, I do have a extensive interest in interactive systems and I used them in several dance projects to create a close relationship between the lighting and the dance and to create interactive lighting dance partners. The emphasis in those projects always been the poetical and magical aspect of this relationship. I am not interested in showing of the technological side. there a lot of documentation and press articles available. It would be interesting to know other people in the UK interested in this subject.

d) of course any serious and interesting project in the UK in the field of dance, theatre, architeture, film that is in need of a inspired, expirienced lighting designer or events where a lighting instalation can be a part of the programing.

If you find any of it interesting and/or know people interested in these subjects, I would be happy to her from you again.

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