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Subject: "Royal Albert Hall - advice?" Archived thread - Read only
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16-05-01, 00:08 AM (GMT)
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"Royal Albert Hall - advice?"
   Hoping to see ENB's Romeo and Juliet, but having never been to RAH and hearing that it's not ideally suited for staging ballet, I was hoping someone could suggest where to sit. I have terrible vision, so as near the front as possible. But I hate not being able to see the dancers feet, so how far back should I sit?

Also, is it a bad idea going on the day of the school matinee? Do the kids ever get a little rowdy?

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  RE: Royal Albert Hall - advice? Salome 16-05-01 1
  RE: Royal Albert Hall - advice? alison 17-05-01 2

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16-05-01, 09:28 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Royal Albert Hall - advice?"
In response to message #0
   Well, as the RAH has no stage (it goes down rather than up) you should be able see the dancer's feet from anywhere in the stalls. I've sat in the first row for ballet before and this is rather too close, you will almost be sat on by party guests , the rake of the stalls is quite good so you shouldn't have much trouble with sightlines if you sit a little farther back. If I remember rightly the critics sit in the eighth row back so I would think you should be all right there. Also, for R&J, try to sit reasonably centrally if you can, although the choreography claims to be 'in the round' it still plays to the centre. Hope that's of some use to you.

Regarding the school's matinee, usually they're not too bad, although sometimes the children get a bit carried away with applause and can be quite deafening!

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17-05-01, 01:08 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Royal Albert Hall - advice?"
In response to message #0
   I think my general summing-up of this in years past has been: if you sit anywhere but loggia boxes or stalls you won't have a complete view of the stage. I'd avoid about the first 4 rows of the stalls or so: unless changes are made to the production this year you'll find that dancers standing around the edges of the stage get in the way of the view of the fight scenes and so on. BTW, "central" means at the opposite end from the organ, but that in turn means (again, unless they change things) that you'll be quite away from the bed/tomb. I sat round towards the back for Rojo's Juliet last time around, and had a great view!

Haven't been to schools matinees at the RAH, but have seem previous ENB schools matinees where the children were enthusiastic and vocal, but generally well-behaved.

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