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Subject: "Monday's matinee of Giselle" Archived thread - Read only
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08-05-01, 08:32 PM (GMT)
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"Monday's matinee of Giselle"
   I'll let someone else offer a more detailed review.

I thought Belinda Hatley made a lovely Giselle in Act I. She's a good actress, and had nice chemistry with Persson. I have doubts though about the recent discussion that she should be made a principle. She's technically competent, but doesn't (yet) let enough personality shine through, and isn't someone I'd ordinarily run out to see. The mad scene, I thought was affecting and subtle, but didn't really move me.

Johan Persson - fantastic dancer, convincing as Albrecht - his love seemed pretty innocent to me. But does he remind anyone of Doogie Howser MD? With bulging muscles of course.

Act II, was just fair. In my opinion, Hatley was overshadowed by the corps, who looked fantastic, though they were a little noisy. Persson was fine, though he was dancing so energetically, he looked like he could have gone on dancing all night, Wilis or no Wilis.

I know London audiences, especially matinee ones, have a rep for being cold, but I didn't think I'd ever feel so awkward clapping for someone who fully deserved it. At the end of a variation, the audience would wait a beat...and a half...and maybe another half before someone to start the clapping, before the rest would join in.

Anyway, all in all not bad, nothing special. Looking forward to hearing what others thought.

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