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Subject: "Upgrade at the Bolshoi" Archived thread - Read only
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Claire S

06-05-01, 11:06 AM (GMT)
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"Upgrade at the Bolshoi"
   I booked a 19.50 seat for yesterday's matinee at Drury Lane but the balcony was closed so all ticket holder were given seats at the back of the dress circle. It was so sparsely populated that I could even move to better seat at the interval but atthat price it was an interesting afternoon. It's a rather disjointed programme which sits somewhat oddly in a West End theatre but worth it to see Svetlana Lunkina (Chopiniana, La Sylphide pdd)and to see some Bournonville on stage in London. I don't know if every performance will be as poorly attended but I'd say get a half-price ticket if possible or book for the balcony in the hope of an upgrade and it's a pretty good deal.

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  RE: Upgrade at the Bolshoi Kevin Ng 06-05-01 1
     RE: Upgrade at the Bolshoi Barbara 08-05-01 2

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Kevin Ng

06-05-01, 04:08 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Upgrade at the Bolshoi"
In response to message #0
   I am surprised by the low turnout yesterday afternoon. I saw this second programme on Friday night which was actually quite full. Yes, Lunkina is definitely worth seeing. She is divine in the pas de deux in "Chopiniana". (Friday night was only her second performance in this role; she had made her debut in Moscow last month.) And Lunkina's assured performance in "La Syphide" pas de deux on Friday was actually her debut. She told me that she had been coached in Moscow by Maximova and Struchkova.

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08-05-01, 09:40 AM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Upgrade at the Bolshoi"
In response to message #1
   I found the poor house on Saturday afternoon really very sad. I agree about the programme etc etc (particularly with the Royal Ballet and Kirov having very interesting things on offer) but it was very depressing to see the Bolshoi playing to rows and rows of empty seats. I bought at the half price ticket booth, but it was really pick your own seat time. It was definitely worth it, though, if only to see Lunkina and Uvarov - beautiful dancing from both of them. I was only going to go the one time, but will now definitely go again - if only to put 'one more bum on seat'!

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