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Subject: "Jane Simpson's review on the Bolshoi Stars" Archived thread - Read only
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Renee Renouf

02-05-01, 10:56 PM (GMT)
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"Jane Simpson's review on the Bolshoi Stars"
   Ms. Simpson's cogent comments remind me that this sort of gathering is just what impresarios need to hear, but probably don't either read or listen to. I sometimes get the feeling that these ensembles which tour like this have somehow intuited what the de Basil and Monte Carlo companies did between the 40's and 50's - the old staples, although Bolshoi staples are quite different from the Diaghilev left-overs.

Dmitri Gudanov must be dancing Spectre which he danced in New Orleans in June, 2000. He got some coaching from George Zoritch
who learned the role from Fokine, along with Youskevitch, Eglevsky and, I think, Skibine. Richard Finkestein who maintains the usaibc/br link may have some of the rehearsal shots of this
historic encounter.

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