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Subject: "Roles and casting" Archived thread - Read only
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26-04-01, 05:24 PM (GMT)
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"Roles and casting"
   In the recent discussions that started after Alina Cojocaru's
promotion to principal an interesting point has come up in
my opinion. There seem to be quite a few people who think that
someone who has never danced Odette/Odile or Aurora is not fit
to be a principal.
I do not doubt that the dancers that are argued about have the
ability to do these roles. I just cannot help but wonder if
every dancer really has to do every role?
Unfortunately I am to young to have seen Anthony Dowell in his
prime but somehow I doubt that Spartacus would have been "his"
Nobody seems to dispute that not all actors are eaqually suited
for each role. Why should it be any different for dancers?
Should we not enjoy them bringing their individual gifts to
roles that suit them instead of insisting that in order to be
considered a deserving principal they have to do everything?
Any thoughts anyone?

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  RE: Roles and casting Ben 26-04-01 1

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26-04-01, 06:41 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Roles and casting"
In response to message #0
   I really think you are making a good point. It is just another example of people comparing dancers. Dancers are individual and like thumb prints are never the same, unfortunately the dance especially the ballet world is becoming increasingly more obsessed with technical and compicated manouveres, and tries to manafacture dancers to look the same. Just because some dancers can dance roles like swan lake and beauty, doesnt mean that all great dancers have to. A great dancer should be judged on there merit in what they have done, not in what they havent done. The problem with the British dance scene is that we are always trying to copy never inspire. Swan Lake is a beautiful ballet however it is not the be all and end all of dance

Alina's promotion is a recognition of a particular dancers talent. Yes there are dancers in the company who are more experienced and mature however I believe that some dancers are made to be principals and some are made to be soloists. Not everyone who has danced Swan Lake is ready to take the title of a prinicipal.

Alina has shown that she is an incredible dancer in a number of roles showing incredible competence in many aspects of the royals repetoire. It is also a matter of taste but someone with Alinas talent should be encouraged not protected,however one also has to be careful of exploitation at such a young age.

Lets not compare dancers against other dancers lets allow Alina to prove to us who she is not who she is like. Dare I say it but lets take a risk (oops thats not British).

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