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Subject: "Guillem at the French Institute II" Archived thread - Read only
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Ann Williams

04-04-01, 11:20 PM (GMT)
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"Guillem at the French Institute II"
   I'm just in from the Guillem film at the French Institute. My dears, was there! Well, Anthony Dowell and Jonathan Cope were in the audience and I spotted many other familiar faces that I couldn't quite put a name to. Tickets were at a premium and the box office had a waiting-list of forty, so I didn't have a problem disposing of my spare ticket.

I'll leave others to describe the film (I believe Jim has already done so, but you can hardly call him an impartial observer, can you?). I loved it, though I'd have to say that it was definitely a star vehicle for Guillem and no-one else gets much of a look-in. Not surprisingly the dance sequences, mostly filmed at rehearsals, were utterly fabulous and for me the most interesting were those of Guillem rehearsing MacMillan's R & J with Laurent Hilaire, who has to be one of the handsomest and most glamorous men on the planet.

Guillem herself came on stage after the film for a conversation with Paul Ryan, obviously a French Institute employee to judge by the way he plugged the place, but he was an excellently smooth interviewer and Guillem was relaxed, funny and modest. No, she didn't know when she would retire but certain of her friends had been instructed to shoot her if she appeared on stage beyond her sell-by date and yes, she regarded London as her home and she found the British people very civilised 'though not as civilised as us'. Please note, Ballet coers, that the interviewer asked her if she had any ambitions to act in films, as he'd just read somewhere that the next Bond girl was going to be played by a ballerina.....

I'd say that nothing emerged from either the film or the interview that we didn't already know about Guillem, but that shouldn't stop anyone from seeing the film because her dancing, as always, makes one feel priviliged to have seen it. She's an extraordinary artist.

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  RE: Guillem at the French Institute II Susy 05-04-01 1
  RE: Guillem at the French Institute II Naoko S 05-04-01 2

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05-04-01, 07:56 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Guillem at the French Institute II"
In response to message #0
   Guillem & Hilaire are rehearsing Nureyev's R&J (not MacMillan's) and I totally share your opinion on Hilaire!

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Naoko S

05-04-01, 09:33 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Guillem at the French Institute II"
In response to message #0
Thanks for this, Ann.

>Laurent Hilaire, who has to
>be one of the handsomest
>and most glamorous men on
>the planet.

Absolutely, utterly agree with you! When I had a chance to see the recent POB film in Paris last month I found Hilaire aesthetically the most gifted among other handsome/good-looking/sophisticated POB dancers (including female troops!).

I wonder if there's any chance to see this film in the near future.... oh by the way did Sylvie looked recovered from the injury?

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