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Subject: "Viviana in "technical" roles??" Archived thread - Read only
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03-04-01, 08:59 AM (GMT)
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"Viviana in "technical" roles??"
   This is just a question to those who saw Viviana dance in roles that were particularly technically demanding, such as Kitri. How was she technically though? I've always had the image that Viviana was more suited to dance dramatic roles, and I have always LOVED her in those roles, but I'd like to know how she was in "Don Q" or even "Swan Lake." In fact, she will be dancing "Le Corsaire" in Italy sometime soon, which I think would be very interesting.

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03-04-01, 10:19 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Viviana in "technical" roles??"
In response to message #0
   I've always admired her turning ability - the fouettés in Don Q. were quite impressive; however I thought "Swan Lake" was not one of her best roles - I found her ok, but noticed with her something I have thought for quite a few dancers: In my opinion, there are dancers who "are" Swans and others who "are not". (Sorry if this leads away from the original topic!)
She's full of energy and thus with a real "attack" to roles like Kitri - and I also LOVED her solo in "Rhapsody". I am not sure about the grand adages, though... But I also love her acting, and I was always hoping this would be what would carry her on for quite a while - still feeling sorry she left RB!

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03-04-01, 11:39 AM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Viviana in "technical" roles??"
In response to message #1
   Saw Durante in Don Q years ago when there was a whole season of different and new exotic dancers about. I believe she danced with Zoltan Solymosi or another Cuban gentleman. I don't personally think it was her best role technically although she certainly has the character emphasis well nailed down.
However her technique is still really good and Her Giselle is pretty good.

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04-04-01, 09:50 AM (GMT)
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3. "RE: Viviana in "technical" roles??"
In response to message #2
   Funnily enough I first saw her in Sleeping Beauty (video with Solymosi) and that was when I was first introduced to her. I was hugely impressed with her technique although when I subsequently saw her in Manon with Mukhamedov I was bowled over by the dramatic intensity of her acting and I thought her technique for Manon perfect for the role. I then noticed her acting more than her technique although there are pure dance roles in which her technique shines such as Rhapsody and Thais pdd. I watched her at Sadlers in Rhapsody with Acosta and thought it was superb. Although I initially noticed her technique in SB, (very neat and clean in Rose Adagio)I have come to admire her as a dance actress rather than technician. I would be very interested to know what she is like in Carmen. I too still feel the loss of her not being with RB especially paired with Mukhamedov. It is a great shame that she kept parting ways with RB and never formed a lasting partnership with Mukhamedov. It was great though while it lasted. I always hope that she might dance again with Mukhamedov's own company.

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eugene merrett

04-04-01, 12:04 PM (GMT)
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4. "RE: Viviana in "technical" roles??"
In response to message #3
   I would rate Durante to way above average technically although she won't bowl you over. She has great speed, excellent balances and good extension. Undoutedly her strong points are the extraordinary dramatic intensity and charisma she puts into her roles. In fact I know of no dancer that can match her in this area.

In fact it some areas she can come on so strong that some people find it distracting. I draw your attention to some the French contributors to the site who did not like her overely charismatic performance of SBeauty (as seen on video)

Although I would not think her suitable for certain comic roles or some Balanchine I would rate her one the most versatile if not the most versatile dancer around today.

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06-04-01, 10:05 PM (GMT)
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5. "RE: Viviana in "technical" roles??"
In response to message #4
   I expected to loathe Viviana as Aurora - I first saw her in Giselle, then Manon, and was bowled over each time by the passion and conviction of her performances, but just couldn't imagine her in Petipa. Then I saw the video and was utterly captivated - I realised that her acting was so good I'd never noticed how good her technique was before - and her opening variation before the Rose Adage was deeply touching too.

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09-04-01, 11:25 AM (GMT)
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6. "RE: Viviana in "technical" roles??"
In response to message #0
   Regarding Viviana's partnership, I find her partnership with Teddy quite strong. Unfortunately I have not seen Mukhamedov and Viviana dance together (and I'm sure that their partnership is much more legendary), but Kumakawa, who has always been considered a weak partner, seems to work very well with Viviana. Her partnership with him in Carmen was strong and touching. From what I have read and heard, Japanese ballet fans have loved Viviana's Carmen, and I'm sure her Carmen in La Scala will triumph as well.

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