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Subject: "VH and RG slug it out in the E. Standard." Archived thread - Read only
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eugene merrett

29-03-01, 04:05 PM (GMT)
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"VH and RG slug it out in the E. Standard."
   The titanic rivalry between R. Gubbay and V. Hochauser spilled over in the Evernding Standard over the last few days. RG fired the first shot by denoucning the 145 max ticekt prices charged for VH season at the ROH. VH responded in a letter by trashing RG Bolshoi season. He argued it is a fraud as it is not the real Bolshoi ballet but he is charging Bolshoi prices! He also points out the fact he is bring over 400 artists who have to housed and fed over the season.

VH ahead by points I think.

But seriously - if there is no one else willing to put on the same programe at a lower price I do not think we can complain about prices. I would sponer the Kirov if I was assured of making mega profits! ( I am assuming the ROH is not charging exorbitant rent for the theatre in which they are to blame for the high prices.) Just because something is expensive it does not meam it it s rip off. Computers cost even more then ballet tickets - is anyone saying they are a rip off! Costs of production have to be considered.

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