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Subject: "Wildor and Cope in R&J, 24th March" Archived thread - Read only
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26-03-01, 11:20 AM (GMT)
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"Wildor and Cope in R&J, 24th March"
   Did anyone else go to the Wildor/Cope R&J on Saturday evening? I went with my two sons and the girlfriend of one of them, none of whom had seen this ballet before. (In fact I haven't seen it myself for over 30 years, except on video.) We all had a marvellous time, and I think I may have a family of ballet converts now.

Before the performance Anthony Dowell made a touching and beautifully expressed speech about the designer Nicholas Georgiadis, who died two weeks ago. Certainly his designs (even with the alterations) are a major part of the impact. The new design for the crypt I found powerful, but I think we were all a bit disappointed that Juliet doesn't seem to have a proper balcony any more.

Sarah Wildor was a very melting and sweet Juliet - how wonderful to see a dancer who really knows how to use her upper body and arms. She looked almost startlingly childlike at the start, but matured subtly as the ballet went on. Jonathan Cope was a very Italian-looking Romeo, though I think he and Sarah are a bit too different in height for comfort. I had forgotten what a good dancer he is - in fact I thought the technical standard of most of the men was high. Persson made a good Mercutio - I had previously seen him as Siegfried and not been too impressed, but he was well cast as Mercutio, where his sometimes overwhelming grin wasn't out of place. I was also impressed by William Tuckett's strong presence as Tybalt, and by Sasaki's brilliant Mandolin Dance.

This ballet seems to survive the test of time and different casts very well - I had only (!) seen Fonteyn and Nureyev and Sibley and Dowell before, but I enjoyed it just as much (well, nearly as much) this time. I only wish I had seen Seymour and Gable as well.

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  RE: Wildor and Cope in R&J, 24th March Tony Newcombe 26-03-01 1
     RE: Wildor and Cope in R&J, 24th March barbara 26-03-01 2

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Tony Newcombe

26-03-01, 01:56 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Wildor and Cope in R&J, 24th March"
In response to message #0

I was at the performance on Saturday evening and am pleased to hear that you enjoyed it so much. Nice to hear someone noting Sasaki's dancing . He has to be the most technically perfect male dancer in the company. Beautifully soft landings and always in perfect position.

As for Sarah, I have always been a fan and it is nice to see someone else appreciating the way she uses her arms and upper body. On Saturday evening a slight movement of the head, the wave of a hand, all on the music, were sending out a constant dialogue to the audience. With Cope (who was quite magnificent) as her partner she appeared to be totally confident on stage and technically I thought it was a very good performance. But it is her acting and attention to detail that I find most rewarding in her dancing. In the ballroom scene, as Tybalt objected to her dancing with Romeo, she sought the shelter of her nurse, not understanding why. Genesia Rosato, her nurse, seemed to whisper " Romeo Montague" in her ear. After a brief moment of understanding, she brushed aside any negative thoughts and was once again totally absorbed by Romeo.
Her suicide in the last act was truly tragic. Most Juliets stab themselves quickly and drop the knife to the floor. On Saturday, Sarah plunged the knife into her midriff and then very slowly pulled it out. Afterall, I imagine that this would be quite painful and certainly the pain showed on Sarah's face. Then there was the acknowledgement that she was bleeding from the wound and the now certainty of death.

You are probably right about the height difference but they have danced together on a few occasions and do seem to enjoy being on stage together. There was a memorable moment during their Nutcracker earlier in the year. Each time Sarah had danced the Sugar Plum Fairy previously, she had difficulty with the second jump onto the Prince's shoulder. ( Bruce Sansom quickly changed the move into something else last year). Well this year with Cope she did not quite make it onto his shoulder. In a flash Cope quite casually flicked her up onto his shoulder. He is truly the great partner at present.

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26-03-01, 02:32 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Wildor and Cope in R&J, 24th March"
In response to message #1

I enjoyed the performance very much too - it was my 4th cast of the season, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and did not feel jaded. I have always thought Sarah is one of the RB's best Juliets (although there have been some wonderful performances this time round) and Jonathan dances beautifully -very elegant. I have to say I am not too keen on Persson as Mercutio - don't think he has the personality for it - and much prefer Cervera in this role. But all in all, another lovely evening at Covent Garden.

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