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Subject: "Six Faces" Archived thread - Read only
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Satoko K

11-03-01, 11:02 AM (GMT)
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"Six Faces"
   LAST EDITED ON 11-03-01 AT 11:14 AM (GMT)

In K-Ballet Company2001 Tour from 31st,January to 4th,March,5ballets were performed.
*Six Faces/*Haffner/*Thais/*Afternoon of a Faun/*Rhapsody

Now,I’d like to tell about my impression of "Six Faces" at last and
I’m very happy to inform of this ballet.
This new ballet was choreographed by Adam Cooper,who never knows,a brilliant worldwide male dancer. He was asked to choreograph a ballet that highlightend 5boys of K-Ballet and himself by his old friend and also brilliant male ballet dancer Tetsuya Kumakawa.
Mr.Kumakawa requested 3 points,first a ballet that highlightend 5boys and Mr.Cooper,second the ballet to have a definete theme,and third to use a solo violinist. Mr.Cooper returned London and mentioned the idea to Lez Brotherston,the brilliant designer of AMP,and had read a biography on Paganini,he thought Paganini would be a good subject for a ballet.

"Six Faces"

In the darkness,6gentlemen were standing one behind another in a line. They were divided each other,in the middle of them a circle of white spot light appeared, they were holding thier arms on their shoulders and turning,jumped crossing each other. When they bended their upper body in the middle of the space,from the ceiling an instrument was slowly coming down......a key of this stage,that was “Red Violin”.

The Virtuoso(Devil),Tetsuya Kumakawa,holded it and put it on his shoulder. Turning the light brightly,and “they” were Paganini himselve,started dancing as thier roles. Nicolo Paganini,he was a great composer and such a marvelous vionlinist as the rumour flew out that he had contracted with the devil. I’d like to mention that these “Six Faces” are extracted by Mr.Cooper originally and of course some characters are truely found,but that doesn’t mean Paganini has just had only these devision of Six personalities,I mean Paganini has many many characters in one personality and Mr.Cooper choosed the most effective “Six Faces” for his ballet and that venture has triumphed exactly!!

The stage set was created by Mr.Brotherston and that was so simple that we could imagine various images of background and at the same time could concentrated on the ballet’s movements and the peformances by the dancers though we had a lot of things to see in the truth!!

On the stage,the three colour gave us a very strong impression,black,white,and red!! There was a white frame curved gentlely,a white square floor,and a “EXIT” lighted green in the back of the middle of the stage,and a few of chairs.

On the K-ballet’s stage,Tetsuya Kumakawa performmed the role of Virtuoso(Devil),Stuart Cassidy was the Composer,Matthew Dibble was the Womaniser,William Trevitt was the Loner(nervous),Gary Avis was the Lover,and Adam Cooper was the Murderer. We could see the “Six Faces” very imperssively and the variation of Six personalities itself,and it was devided into Six and were put together into One.

Tetsuya Kumakawa,Virtuoso(Devil),showed sharp jumps and pirouettes everywhere and pointed out the gap of Paganini’s heart or human’s mind without mercy. His eyes were as sharp as if he could see whole the mind of Paganini(human) and ridicule his reason,especially the Composer,and threaten him. The Devil threaten other characters but somehow he was also screwed by one woman once. But whatever happened he revived agian and again,and at last he mowed down all with a Red Violin and broke it down on his knee into the two...!!! It felt me like the gravestone of Paganini,who devoted himself to play the violin and destroied himself by the music and his own talent.

Stuart Cassidy,Composer,refused to sell his soul to the Devil. He always concentrated on creating music and nothing came to see,he was thinking,thinking.....always just thinking.
Sometimes it seemed to be comical,but he never changed his attitude and facial expression that was very fun and fantastic!

Matthew Dibble,Womaniser,tempted girls one after another.All girls dressed black short-dresses,wearing black glasses,black long gloves and white pearl necklaces,earrings,and of course red lips. He kissed,whispered sweet words,gestured like touching the girls and got their hearts. He carried one girl on his shoulder and on the solo dance he danced lively more!

William Trevitt,Loner(nervous),he was looking at everything frighted,terrified. Even on the pa de dex of one woman,he couldn’t get calm truely,he always had a fear. He looked
like nothing want to hear,music,the tune of Violin,his rumours,the speaking ill of himself,nothing want to hear! He was holding his violin shaking in his shoes,that was a little funny but I could never see him and Stuart only laughing.

Gary Avis,Lover,was falling love to a woman and not only a woman but his violin,I thought. His eyes were fulled of rapature,longing love,holding violin like a baby. He slept on the knees of a woman like his mother and lifted her as a very difficult lift. His pa de dex with a woman danced at the same time of the pa de dex of Adam and his partner,but it was different pa de dex,the different story continued on the stage,and Virtuoso(Devil),Composer,Womaniser,Loner saw the two stories,of course Composer and Loner hardly see it,though.

Adam Cooper,Murderer,had sharp eyes especially after killing a woman. He loved her but somehow the woman passed through him and his love,so he took out a knife with red handle and cut her neck. Her dress was only dark red one,very beautiful like a red rose,but from the beginng she smelled like blood. Adam and Gary push thier faces away each other. As if they were both sides of one character,and didn’t recognise each other.

And the women were different impression for me as a cast,when Japanese female dancers danced they were so gracefull,like a mother of Paganini,and non Japanase female dancers danced they were very glossy,aggressive women like a patroness of Paganini.

After the stage,I read a story of Paganini,“Paganini. Der Roman seines Lebens” written by Franz Farga at 1970,translated in Japanese. And I was very interested in the contents and
his biography. About his biography,I think it’ll be proper to write in another posting.

Thank you very much to read this post till the end,and if you can imagine the stage free from my limitted words,I’m very happy and if you think something about my style of writing,English,please give me appopriate advice.

Satoko Kamatani

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  RE: Six Faces Netallica 12-03-01 1

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12-03-01, 07:29 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Six Faces"
In response to message #0
you know- thanks for writing that, that helps me imagine what the ballet looks like because I don't think I would ever have the chance to see it.
And, well, Six Faces sounds cool. I thought it would be cool but now it's more real. and I think your writing is very good (I'm not the right person to point out mistakes 'cause my writing is not so good either).


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