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Subject: ""Afternoon of a Faun " performed by Adam Cooper in K-Bal..." Archived thread - Read only
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Satoko K

06-03-01, 11:52 AM (GMT)
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""Afternoon of a Faun " performed by Adam Cooper in K-Ballet"
   LAST EDITED ON 06-03-01 AT 11:56 AM (GMT)

I wrote a review,I don't know this is called so,of "Afternoon of a Faun"
performed by Adam Cooper in the Tour of K-Ballet Company 2001.
I've read many responces against my post the other day,
I haven't written about all the stage of the Tour yet
but one impression or view can express like this.

"Afternoon of a Faun"(from K-Ballet Company Tour 2001 in Japan)

choreography:Kenn Burke after Cristian Uboldi
music:Claude Dedussy "Pr'elude a l'apres-midi d'un Faune"
design:Paul Smith/ lighting:Kenn Burke
perfomance:Adam Cooper

It was an Afternoon of summer.From the window the sunlight gently
fell down on my body and bed.I was reading a book or a diary something like
as a friend of my vague sleepy unsatisfacty days.

~Opened the curtain of the Stage,He(Adam)lies down on the bed wearing
T-shirts and blue jeans,on the back of him there is a simple window,he was
holding a book on the air.Maybe the book was filled with many difficult characters
but somehow the impression came to me that the book had not written one word yet,
it was something like a diary of his Memory.~

Now,Iím opening a white page,and this page may be myself...woops,
my leg feels itchy...I donít understand the meaning of
the words on this book at all.
...What?! ...an insect?! ...no,it isnít.
Thought doesnít mean anything to me.

〔He caught something,but nothing,picking himself up from the bed〕

I want to look for something,I want to feel something,
to get something,but what is it? I donít know what it is...

〔He got to be nervous a little,closed the book,lying with his elbow on the bed,swinging his leg〕
〔He overturnd and fell down to floor. Rollig by himself on the floor,
opened his legs,closing a leg to another〕

...A butterfly?! ...no,it isnít,too.
What is this atomosphere through the air? How can I express my feeling?
Something is rustling through myself. I was swimming in a river or a sea,
but I canít remember the day correct,and only the memory of summer days continues,continues in myself.

〔He performed like catching something again,overturning,swimmig,and lying with his elbow
on the floor,moving fingers like playing keybords.〕

Some days I played a piano,or some instruments,the sun
was beating down on me,that day...!! That day was...

〔He took off the T-shirt and turnig it by his hand and
threw it away...〕

Oh...!! The sun inside myself is rising...,brilliant sunshine
lighted me...from the outside of the window,that light...!!
Inside myself," I " have just been waked up by myself!!!

〔From the right side of the stage,the light fell down
to his body brilliantly,he recieved the light on his chest
and at the same time his feelings were pouring on the stage!!!
Opening arms,he caught the sunshine as if it passed through his body
And at the same time,flushed by the sweat and heat,I could imagine
clear sky,water,wind,and the life itself that is clear as crystal!!!〕
〔Again,he turned over the pages,rising a leg he read
the book and he was scratching the leg by his hand.〕

Nothing finds out on the words,nothing finds out in
the past,I am living Now so I canít be satisfied with
the dead words and past...!
〔He closed it,threw it away to lefthanded.〕

From nowhere,a voice of wind,a song of grasslands are calling me,
sounds of the ocean fill my ears...where should I go...?
Inside myself,"I" am starting to run...!!!

〔He run around the stage,and suddenly an atomosphere of someone comes in his room〕

Wait...!! Who are you? ...donít leave me alone,stay
here a second...please. I prepare a chair for you,here...!!

〔He took a chair from leftside,smilling gently...and
kissed someone sitting the chair softly,and closed eyes
sit himself on the chair.〕

...a dream? It Was a dream?

〔He scratched his head and noboby was there〕

Yes,there was a day I fell in love...no,it wasnít
called "Love"...only a faint feeling of my heartbeating.

〔He felt an atomosphere of someone else,crossed his legs
and crossed his hands in front of crotch...like the
movements of beginning his sex feeling as a man〕

When "I" was sprung,I was alone yet...,I seeked someone
who could accept me,who could support me....

〔He has already left the "chair",stretched his arms and
raised his leg,like splitting the stagnated air,slapped
his hands back and forth,lay prone on the floor,stuck
hips out... the movements continuned as if he looked like
to struggle against himself for self-control,through the
way from a Boy to be a Man.〕

I wanted to be myself that day,I wanted to be myself
I couldnít stop my feeling poured from inside,and I
couldnít be tied myself and my body that had already
flied away...!!!

〔He jumped...!!! A beautiful figure on the air...!!!
It was a fantastic mixture of his emotion and body that flied away!!!
The brightness of the bloom of youth!!!
The light was gradually turning to the dark light,and he was also getting calm.〕

〔Again,he lay on the bed,turnovered once more,stopping his legs
slanting each other on the air. The beautifull figure as same as the opening,
we could feel as if the time stopped again...then he lowered his legs,
instantly upped his chest,holding pillow,again falling to sleep.
His sweatry back has announced the end of days of youth.〕

I was too young to realise it was myself.
I recognised it was myself and I knew myself first.

Iíve been remembering the day and the season reminds me that day.
As I am awaked by the brilliant summer sunshine the same as that day,
a little comfortable wind but uncomfortable temparature in my room,
I remember the sunny Afternoon of the summer when I met myself.

(written by Satoko Kamatani)

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  RE: "Afternoon of a Faun " performed by Adam Cooper in K... Netallica 07-03-01 1
     RE: "Afternoon of a Faun " performed by Adam Cooper in K... Satoko K 08-03-01 2

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07-03-01, 09:11 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: "Afternoon of a Faun " performed by Adam Cooper in K-Ballet"
In response to message #0
   Thanks, Satoko! Now I want to see it even more...
wow, that sounds really amazing, this version of Faun. I think this version of "Faun" expresses the same feelings and thoughts that both Nijinsky and Debussy wanted to express---and I've always thought Adam Cooper has that soul of a Faun, with or without the pointed ears.


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Satoko K

08-03-01, 10:57 AM (GMT)
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2. "RE: "Afternoon of a Faun " performed by Adam Cooper in K-Ballet"
In response to message #1
   Thank you for reading,Netallia. If you could imagine the stage even a little from my limitted words,thatís very happy to me! And now I try to write the impression of ďSix FacesĒ little by little,please wait a few time...Iíd like to inform this site of the impression for the Stage,if itíll take a time to write.


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