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Subject: "POB style" Archived thread - Read only
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01-03-01, 01:58 PM (GMT)
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"POB style"
   I had the chance to see the famous or rather ill-famed concours of POB. I was an independent witness only and I do not want to speak about the good or bad taste and I do not want to offend anybody.
In my opinion there is the most serious problem: the style. I speak about specially the classical style, it has his exact rules. For example it is not passible to dance a Petipa's variation like it would be Balanchine's, and Nureyev should be Nureyev. A lot of competitors were partly or totally out of style. I know there is the own French style, but in the variations of Petipa or Nureyev must not dance vulgarly, roughly, for lack of the necessary clear lines.
Indeed, the jury was not be on top of the job! It was strange for me that they prefered just these "eclectical" productions. It seems they were not at home in classical.
Unfortunately the level of the POB declines year by year. I am sorry this, because I belive the public like the classical ballets - such a great success Lacotte's Paquita! - but some years and there won't be anybody who can dance them.
I think the POB /similarly to the Kirov/ is the part of the world heritage and it would be a great damage to let its destruction.
I hope at the Ministry are thinking about the necessary financial and personal support and they are looking for the competent persons to the chairs of the direction who know the classical traditions and styles and who can stop this decline.

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  RE: POB style Catherine 01-03-01 1
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01-03-01, 03:13 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: POB style"
In response to message #0
   Irina, I completely agree with you. Style left POB. Nureyev made too many good thing to POB. They dance with the required style especially Petipa works. They know what the "épaulements" mean. When you see the oldest dancer of the company who worked with Nureyev and now you could only constat this lack of style. The palmares is the result of the new artistic politic from POB. They prefer man or woman dancers to true artists.
It's that we say in your posting about this shamy Concours. They don't consider the true artistic valor of the dancers.
But it's a ministry problem now, not a POB problem as Master ballet finds the level good, as Dance director too. What do you want to make .
They never take ballet from Lifar and after critic say dancer lose Lifar'style but if they never dance it they can have it. It's a particular style. And the most strange it's you see too many competitors dance Lifar variation as Mirages, or other year Noces Fantastiques.
I mean they think more technical, than artistic and style. It's perhaps also a school problem because they don't have any style now, they are all good dancers but without style except two or three. And they don't learn it in POB.
But the problem in this intern concours it's not an international competition where you judge dancer on their style, technic and so on.
It's not a style concours, it's a friends' concours. They don't care of the fall of level, they only consider other critere, not at all artistic, to select dancer than real artistic level.
Irina you saw the concours, you saw the promoted, and you saw the others, you could judge. Our, we could just see and shot up our mouth
Unfortunately level gets smaller every day. And I don't know which person could make something to raise up.

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01-03-01, 04:00 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: POB style"
In response to message #1
   Catherine, what about Charles Jude who is director in Bordeaux at present. He was an excellent dancer and artist and I think he is completely knows all the right styles. He is young enough to refresh the POB.

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01-03-01, 04:11 PM (GMT)
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3. "RE: POB style"
In response to message #2
   Why not but I'm not sure they think to him to succeed to Lefèvre. And she must théorically go back in 2004. Here in France, Legris who is one of the most styled dancer want to direct a company. In three year why not, he will have 40 years, and could think to retire from his dancer career. But I don't know what it's good for the troup.

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