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Subject: "Tamara Wins Over NYC" Archived thread - Read only
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23-02-01, 10:19 AM (GMT)
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"Tamara Wins Over NYC"
Tamara Rojo and Johan Kobborg certianly won over the dance critic ANNA KISSELGOFF of the NYC Times..who is known for her sharp pen.....and tamara got her gushing!! I must see this Ms Rojo...she must be amazing:

'New Yorkers could see for the first time the perfection of Tamara Rojo, a young Spanish principal in Britain's Royal Ballet, and the brilliant Bournonville stylist, Johan Kobborg, a Dane with that company.'

Anna then dedicates a WHOLe paragraph to Tamara...and some on Kobborg..who impressed her as well:...

'The "Black Swan" pas de deux introduced Ms. Rojo and Mr. Kobborg. Neither is tall, but Ms. Rojo's classical style and technique are so flawless that whatever one misses in projection on the State Theater's large stage is made up by the incisive clarity and natural ease of her regal dancing. Technically, she is a whiz without any vulgar circus tricks. Her turns in attitude position or in renversé are perfect, and her many triple fouettés are sensationally beyond the call of duty. She also has a special grace, tempering academic form so that her arms close up like flower petals at night.

Mr. Kobborg, seen at the Royal Danish Ballet's Bournonville Festival in 1992 in Copenhagen, was good enough in the "Black Swan." But his strength lies in August Bournonville's ballets. With Ms. Rojo as a charming partner, he gave the "Flower Festival at Genzano" the special buoyancy, crisp leg beats and precision in air turns (in both directions) that the style demands.'

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  RE: Tamara Wins Over NYC alison 23-02-01 1
     RE: Tamara Wins Over NYC Romi 23-02-01 2

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23-02-01, 01:15 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Tamara Wins Over NYC"
In response to message #0
   Do we know when this was?

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23-02-01, 02:47 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Tamara Wins Over NYC"
In response to message #1
   This Gala took place on 19Feb - though the NY Times review (with photos) has been put in the Review thread, I will copy the URL here.


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