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Subject: "St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre - Swan Lake" Archived thread - Read only
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15-02-01, 01:05 PM (GMT)
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"St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre - Swan Lake"
   Just a few thoughts: (in case you're getting a bit confused with all these touring Russian ballet companies, this is the one which uses young dancers from the Kirov school at least in the corps de ballet).

Nice production, higher production values than many touring companies I've seen, the costumes and sets looking particularly splendid in the ballroom act. I'd only seen this previously cut down to fit in a concert hall, so don't know if they've been upgraded at all. Good-size production: some nice dancers, a very respectable orchestra (40 or 50 musicians, I'd judge), 22 swans in the corps (looked a little cramped on the Wimbledon stage), looks to be a fairly standard Soviet production complete with irritating jester and "happy" ending - in fact, it reminded me most of ENB's Struchkova production (the one before the current one). I thought I detected a bit of jadedness in some of the corps, which is not surprising if they're just back from a 4-month Antipodean tour of the production. The programme contained details of Don Q, and also Giselle and Nutcracker, I think, so I presume they're touring those, which will give the dancers a change of scenery.

Overall? Well, they're not the Kirov, of course, but a generally good standard and worth going to see. On at Wimbledon Theatre until the end of the week, then presumably touring.

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