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Subject: "Houston Opera/Ballet shows us how it is done!" Archived thread - Read only
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eugene merrett

12-12-00, 07:00 PM (GMT)
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"Houston Opera/Ballet shows us how it is done!"
   the ticketing website for the Houston Ballet and Opera is by far the best site for buying tickets.

When tickets are ordered a seat map is shown indicating all seats that have been reserved and what seats are available. As you click on the seat you want a photo comes up given you the view you would get FROM THAT PARTICULAR SEAT.

This is clearly the future of ticketing at theatres. The system would be ideal for the Royal Opera because of the plethora of restricted view seats at the RO house. Seats at the Houston Opera are far cheaper then the ROH so the arguement that it is too expensive for the ROH is not valid.

Unfortunetly the telephone booking for the Houston opera has been neglected and the web site only accepts bookings from US addresses (obviously there are few European tourist in Houston).

I have written a formal letter of complaint to the ROH about its appalling reservation service - no online booking coupled with a disgracefully bad telephone service is wholly unacceptable.

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