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Subject: "Ondine Study Evening" Archived thread - Read only
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05-07-99, 07:13 AM (GMT)
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"Ondine Study Evening"
   For those who weren't at the RBS on Wednesday 30th, you missed a treat. We were there to learn more about Ondine which the RB performs this Summer Season.
It was a fascinating evening with Philip Gammon playing for Sarah Wildor and Inaki Urlezaga as Donald MacLeary rehearsed them in the Act 1 pdd.
Sarah really is dancing beautifully and has a natural affinity with the Ashton style. MacLeary is a sensitive and perceptive repetiteur and the session was illuminating, touching and highlighted both the beauty and the difficulty of the choreography.
The second half was Pauline Greene of Nottingham University who tried to open up some of the beauties of the score. As you all probably know, the music was criticised from Day One but Miss Greene succeeded in making us listen to the music and finding the good - it isn't nearly as dissonant or cacophonic as some of the history books would have us believe.
All in all a wonderfully illuminating evening and one which, I hope, prompted some in the audience to go out and buy more tickets (I, for one, am now going to both Sarah's Ondines, so beautiful was she)
If any of you didn't intend to go to Ondine I would urge you to think again - It is well worth the 7.50 (or you could fork out a small fortune to see the Bolshoi in a familiar warhorse...)
Hope to see lots of you at the Wells for Ondine !

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  RE: Ondine Study Evening Stuart Sweeney 05-07-99 1

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Stuart Sweeney

05-07-99, 08:43 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Ondine Study Evening"
In response to message #0
   Gerald, I'm pleased that the Study Evening was a success and that you enjoyed it so much. I know that the the format, including a lecture about the music, is fairly typical of the RB Study sessions and that this would suit you well, given that the music accompanying ballet is a particular interest of yours.

However, I am still puzzled that there seems to be so little discussion about choreography or dancing at these sessions. It certainly seems that the model used is an Opera one, rather than one focussed on ballet. I can't help thinking that most ballet fans would like to hear Monica Mason or someone similar talking about the history of a piece at the Royal or how it is to dance the work or indeed anything that was truly dance focussed. The recent Martha Graham Study Day at The Barbican spent the entire day focussing on the choreographer, the dances, the dancers and the receation of the work and it was wonderful.

By and large, apart from the delightful rehearsals, the RB Study sessions appear to focus on the music or the story or in fact anything as long as it's not dance.

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