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Subject: "ENB Triple Bill - some brief thoughts" Archived thread - Read only
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28-11-00, 01:22 PM (GMT)
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"ENB Triple Bill - some brief thoughts"
   Following the schools' matinee in Oxford last week, I thought I'd try and jot down a few thoughts. It's generally a good bill, not, perhaps quite as good as last year's Bayadere/Rite of Spring/Sphinx bill, but worth catching when it comes to London in January, although it was rather monochrome - I was longing for a bit more colour than just the polka dots on the costumes and backcloth for Voluntaries. As it was a schools' matinee, I was also expecting about 3rd casts or so, so was pretty pleased with the results.

Les Sylphides: the corps looked very well-drilled, and I found ex-Royal Ballet soloist Shi-Ning Liu surprisingly effective as the Poet, although I still wish he'd keep his mouth shut when he dances!

Voluntaries (Tetley) went down a storm with the children, surprisingly. Extremely well danced by Agnes Oaks and Thomas Edur in the leads, with Nathan Coppen, Simone Clarke and Alexis Oliveira (definitely one to watch!) in the secondary roles. I amused myself spotting "bits" I'd previously seen in "Sphinx" and "Amores" - are all Tetley unitard ballets so closely related?

Etudes - again a big hit with the audience, with Erina Takahashi, Dmitri Gruzdyev and Yosvani Ramos in the lead roles. Ramos as usual had loads of personality to go along with his pirouettes, but Gruzdyev looked a little off-colour compared with his normal standard, although since I understand that Yat Sen Chang was originally supposed to have been dancing he may have been a very late replacement.

For more detailed reviews, check the Review Listings, where there are 2 still "live" reviews (the Times link no longer works).

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  ENB Triple Bill -more brief thoughts Stephanie Wragg 28-11-00 1

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Stephanie Wragg

28-11-00, 02:40 PM (GMT)
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1. "ENB Triple Bill -more brief thoughts"
In response to message #0
   I was at the evening performance that day and enjoyed the programme, although as you say it was all a bit monochrome.

>Les Sylphides: the corps looked very
>well-drilled, **but that was about it I found. I had never seen this ballet 'live' and was disappointed at the droopy wrists, bored look and ill-fitting costumes. Only Yosvani Ramos as the Poet seemed immersed in the atmosphere and Monica Perego had her usual surly look.
>Voluntaries (Tetley) went down a storm
>with the children, surprisingly.
>Extremely well danced by Agnes
>Oaks and Thomas Edur in
>the leads, with Nathan Coppen,
>Simone Clarke and Alexis Oliveira
>(definitely one to watch!) in
>the secondary roles. **Was lucky to catch Oaks and Edur in the evening as well. Coppen was there also but dancing with AD pet Erina Takahashi. I don't find her that wonderful and cannot understand her rise through the ranks. She wasn't much different that when she was one of the three soloists in Bayadere last autumn. The music was fantastic.

I amused myself spotting "bits" I'd
>previously seen in "Sphinx" and
>"Amores" - are all Tetley
>unitard ballets so closely related? ***Choreographically, all those pieces are related, I had Sphinx flashbacks watching the Rambert performance of "Embrace Tiger". I guess the leotards are inexpensive? I was visualizing bingo players stamping their little colour tubes on the dancers to get the patterns...A choreography of its own...
>Etudes - again a big hit
>with the audience, with Erina
>Takahashi, Dmitri Gruzdyev and Yosvani
>Ramos in the lead roles.
> Ramos as usual had
>loads of personality to go
>along with his pirouettes, but
>Gruzdyev looked a little off-colour
>compared with his normal standard**He must have recovered by the evening because he seemed to be enjoying himself, as was Patrick Armand. I've never seen someone jump around so much with such energy. Perego was inflicted upon us again, but this virtuoso stuff seemed more appropriate for her style. The whole company looked good in this, more genuine smiles were seen and the costumes fit better.

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