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Subject: "New kid on the block?" Archived thread - Read only
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20-11-00, 11:53 AM (GMT)
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"New kid on the block?"
   Has anyone heard of the critic Natalie Ogilvie? The name is new to me, yet she wrote an interesting (and lengthy) piece on the RB's 'Shadowplay' programme in yesterday's Mail on Sunday.
Of Guillem's performance in M & A she writes "Her reading.....was both tragic and subtle, full of nuance and power, control and abandon. Whatever the purists might say, she has the one quality all stars must possess. The audience simply could not take its eyes off her...". She goes on to note that the audience attracted such diverse celebs as 'leather-clad' spice girl Mel B and the legendary ballerina Makarova.

I don't think Ogilvie is a ballet expert; she is careful to avoid any technical comment on dancers' performances (I know the feeling) but she's an interesting and lively writer and I hope the Mail on Sunday will give her a regular spot.

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