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Subject: "Neumeier's "The lady of the camellias"" Archived thread - Read only
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20-11-00, 10:26 AM (GMT)
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"Neumeier's "The lady of the camellias""
   It was really great that the RB revived Ashton's M&A this year. I love this ballet very much and his choice of the music, i.e. the piano sonata by Liszt was perfect. (I prefer the original piano sonata to the orchestrated version for the ballet though.) Now I'm really curious to know what the Neumeier's version is like. I only know it is a full length ballet and the music is something by Chopin. Has anyone seen this ballet ? I would be grateful if someone could give me information or reviews about this ballet.

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  RE: Neumeier's "The lady of the camellias" Catherine 20-11-00 1
     RE: Neumeier's "The lady of the camellias" Vera Uhrle 20-11-00 2

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20-11-00, 08:21 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Neumeier's "The lady of the camellias""
In response to message #0
   It exist a video from the Neumeier Lady of Camelias with Haydée, and Lishka. I love too many this ballet it's a romantic ballet and theorically, at POB instead of Midsummer night's dream it must be staged up this season but dress and set cost too many.
In the video you have also Lynn Charles as Manon Lescaut (it's a parallel between Manon and Camilla, We saw also Lynn Charles.
It's a very romantic piece, enjoyable to see.

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Vera Uhrle

20-11-00, 09:40 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: Neumeier's "The lady of the camellias""
In response to message #1
   Neumeier created his Lady of the Camelias in 1978 for Marcia Haydee and the Stuttgart Ballet. The music he chose for the ballet is by Chopin, various sonatas, waltzes, concertos and a couple of less known piano pieces. Scenery and costumes are by Jürgen Rose.
Manon and Des Grieux are some kind of sub-plot. They first appear as a play in the theatre, later Marguerite sees Manon as the kind of person she doesn't want to be: selfish and avaricious. Manon appears for example in the scene when M. Duval confronts Marguerite, and Marguerite decides not to act like Manon would have acted and decides to leave Armand. The first Manon and Des Grieux were Birgit Keil and Richard Cragun.
IMHO Lady of the Camellias is a wonderful ballet with some wonderful roles and beautiful pas de deux.

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