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Subject: "Rambert Programme 1 - brief thoughts" Archived thread - Read only
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16-11-00, 02:08 PM (GMT)
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"Rambert Programme 1 - brief thoughts"
   LAST EDITED ON 16-11-00 AT 02:09 PM (GMT)

(*very* brief!)

Unlike Clement Crisp, I thought the Ek was excellent and superbly danced by Rambert's dancers, although how anyone is supposed to review it is beyond me! (And I'm not sure whether I actually *liked* it, but that's another matter!).

Sergeant Early's Dream I also thought was good, and equally well danced, although I wouldn't have been desperately upset if it had been shortened by a song or two. And maybe it was my ears, or maybe it was the acoustics (I noticed yet again that when you're sitting in the 2nd circle and there's loud, percussive sounds on stage some of the panels of the overhead walkway (I suppose) resonate noisily and irritatingly), but I didn't find it particularly easy to hear the singers' words (they were at the back of the stage), which was a shame, since they obviously related to what was being danced.

Worth seeing, I'd say, and a reminder (since it was rather poorly populated last night, even allowing for it being the first night of Ondine at Covent Garden) that there's a ballet.co 2-for-1 offer for both programmes:


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