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Subject: "RB Swan Lake" Archived thread - Read only
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02-11-00, 10:45 AM (GMT)
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"RB Swan Lake"
   I finally got to go and see The RB Swan Lake last night, with Yoshida and Acosta. I have one word for it - WOW!

Those two put together last night were the best couple the RB have had in a long while. Both have the talent to challenge each other throughout the perfomance, especially during their Grand Pas. It was literally a case of Acosta throwing a out a couple "very easy looking" spins, jumps and Yoshida replying with double piourettes and breathtakingly long balances etc. They both also had some sort of reckless fever going on as they threw themselves headfirst into that third act, resulting in one explosive pas de deux.
The reviews about the passion and rapport they eminate has not been exagerrated at all by the press cuttings i have read.
The rest of the performance was just as good with the corps looking absolutely stunning and the cygnets were a big hit as usual. Even the set didn't look too bad! The only slight dissappointment was the Pas de trois. It was a one woman show with Jaimie Tapper stealing the limelight with her clean cut performance. The Neapolitan dance however made up that dance with a lively performance.

Overall i would have to say that is you want to go and see Swan Lake, make sure you have the cast from yesterday and you will most definately not be dissappointed.

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  RE: RB Swan Lake Eugene Merrett 02-11-00 1
  RE: RB Swan Lake alison 02-11-00 2

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Eugene Merrett

02-11-00, 11:56 AM (GMT)
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1. "RE: RB Swan Lake"
In response to message #0
   I was at Swan Lake last night. Definitely the standard of dancing has improved and this partly due to the importation of stronger and better trained dancers from other schools - Jaimie Tapper and Acosta are examples of this.

But the corp is a lot better - dancer of the cygnets was outstanding.

But it really was Yoshida show - I really do think that she is the leading interpreter of this role especially the white act. But she did an awesome solo in the black swan pdd with some of the most amazing pirouettes I have seen!

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02-11-00, 02:23 PM (GMT)
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2. "RE: RB Swan Lake"
In response to message #0
   Glad to hear the Neapolitan Dance has improved - when I saw it the other night, I thought the RB should have taken a leaf out of ENB's book and asked Wayne Sleep to coach it. The ENB performance I saw was so much better than the RB one.

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