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Subject: "Triple Bill" Archived thread - Read only
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29-10-00, 00:29 AM (GMT)
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"Triple Bill"
   Not one of the best evenings at C.G. Why Acosta for the young boy , he is neither, young timid or frail, very miscast, Rojo is very lovely, hopefully in her next performance, the boys will get the lifts right.
Dance Variations, it has all been done before, and the costumes, all I can say the poor boys, and poor Johnny having to wear them and dear Darcy was just Darcy.
Marguerite and Armand wonderfull, guess on my next time round, I will give the first two pieces another chance, may be better with different casts.
Another comment,it seems some of the ushers are being very obnoxious to a number of the regulars to The Garden, I heared some regulars speaking about their attitude
How did others find this evening ?

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  RE: Triple Bill alison 31-10-00 1

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31-10-00, 02:10 PM (GMT)
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1. "RE: Triple Bill"
In response to message #0
   I had a horribly restricted view, so am not going to comment on the bill as a whole, just to say that in my opinion the best bits about it were Rojo in Shadowplay and Belinda Hatley in the Corder, which I found attractive enough but hardly likely to set the place on fire. I usually like Jamie Tapper as well, but I thought on Saturday night she was totally outshone by Hatley. BTW, I have a feeling that one of the critics I read the other day needs his/her eyes testing - the costume colours for the Corder can only be described as what you'd get if you let a child loose with a set of felt-tip pens!

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