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Subject: "Guess which Ballerina is in the D. Telegraph Front Page!" Archived thread - Read only
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Eugene Merrett

26-10-00, 11:55 AM (GMT)
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"Guess which Ballerina is in the D. Telegraph Front Page!"
   Is it Sylviie Gulliem, Debbie Bull, Sarah Wildor or just possibly Darcey Bussell!

No prizes for those who guessed Darcey - All dressed up for the Princess Margerat Gala. We ought to compile a survey of the most photagrapehed women in the Telegraph (alive so we can exclude Diana). It is got to be Darcey.

Agents should advise their dance clients to be Tories. This puts them in good stand with most of the quality news papers who are generally Tory in out look (one has to define "quality" rather broadly to include the Guardian!).

On another point why Labour so keen to abolish Fox Hunting! Surely the sport of grovelling or toadying to the Royal Family is a far more deplorable vice!! That should be banned!!!

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