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Subject: "Some Postings Problems" Locked thread - Read only
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27-09-00, 12:15 PM (BST)
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"Some Postings Problems"
   There seems to be a problem in seeing latest links - they have vanished! To make maters worse the first copy of this warning vanished as well! I am going to lock this posting to avoid replies since that might be the problem. At least then everybody can hopefully see it.

Besides latest links 2 or 3 other threads have seen their content collapse to nothing and we are not immediately sure why - we certainly have not changed anything. I have put some things in motion and will have a look later, but it will be very late on. I do have copies of the Mon/Tues links and will post those at that time. Ann is also trying to get up todays links, but its tricky in the circumstances.

I suggest that people use Postings as normal but that if you see something that is not right can you please post in the About Us forum and email me if possible ( I'm keen to try a few posts in the About Us forum because it is not large and this may be a size problem.

The only other thing to mention is that if you are doing a long post it would be wise to keep a copy of it just in case. I actually routinely do all my words in a text editor (like Notepad or Wordpad) and keep copies of everything that happens in the day.I cut and paste into Postings as I need.

Sorry about this. As ever thanks for your support

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