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19-06-00, 00:17 AM (BST)
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"Seeing Recent Postings"
   Postings has changed
As part of this update gone is the drop down menu that some users used to look at postings over the last day, two days or whatever. I would have voted to have kept this functionality but the reality is we have a product and that way of working is no longer supported.

Now this is not a deliberate and perverse attempt to upset people! The reality is that there has always been a rather better way of rapidly getting to the posts you have not seen. It's a way I have talked about in the past and now it's even more worthwhile getting to know. I suggest you hit the 'Printer-friendly version of this topic' link (up top) and then print out a hardcopy of this.

This is quite long - for some this is far too detailed. However somewhere I wanted to put down everything in quite rigorous detail. It's a lot of effort on our part so do please use these instructions.

On with the words on what to do....

How to find new posts each time you visit...

You need to know about 'Read New Messages' and 'Mark All' - they make it easier to use postings by showing you just the new posts/messages that have occurred since you last looked - you don't have to study dates and times, or keep looking at all the posts in the last 24 or 48 hours, or go into the separate forums and see if things appear to have moved around or not. This way you never miss a thing - no matter what forum it has happened in and no matter how long ago it is you last visited. As a taster of how easy it all is see the 'A Typical Day...' section at the end of this posting.

Before you can use 'Read New Messages' and 'Mark All' you have to be a registered user and know about Logging-in. This is not onerous or difficult and nothing horrid will happen to you by registering - trust me.

Registering - why etc
It's worth registering. Apart from making it easier to post, because you don't have to keep entering your name and email details each time you post, it also allows you to subsequently edit your posts if you see a problem. And you can subscribe to forums - that's where we email you when new postings are made into a forum you are particularly interested in. And registering is also at the heart of the mechanism for allowing you to see just the postings that you have not already seen.

The Registration form is accessed by clicking on the 'Login' button - then you use the 'Click here to register and create an account' link to get to the actual form. Or you can use this link to get there direct:

New User Registration

Note: Users should note that will not use their email address or other details indiscriminately or pass to third parties etc. People have been using Postings for over 3 years now and we are not aware of anything untoward ever happening with email or other details.

So you need to Login...
Er.. simple really just use the 'Login' button to login. If you normally login each time you visit Postings you might want to tick the 'Remember Your Password?' box when you next login. That should mean you don't have to routinely login ever again, because the system remembers you for itself each time. I guess there could be a security issue if you share your machine with others, but for most folks this is a real convenience. It also means that 'Read New Messages' and 'Mark All' work immediately without you having to do a thing each time you wander into Postings. Nothing, zippo - just easy convenience.

Where are 'Read New Messages' and 'Mark All' links...
They are just above the forum/message listings table. Ideally they would have been next to one another, but they are not and one is a button and one a link. But don't let that put you off!

'Mark All' button you will find up top with the other icon/buttons. Note that if you are not logged in then the button will not be presented to you as an option.

'Read New Messages' link is just above the table, on the left and in small print.

You don't get to see 'Read New Messages' and 'Mark All' on all pages. It's perhaps easiest to use these buttons at the highest level of Postings. You can get to the Conference/Lobby level by clicking on a Lobby link that you might find about the place or by clicking on the 'Conferences' text in the header of the table of forums/messages - the text looks something like this:
Home --> Conferences --> What's Happening (Public)

So how do you use them...
Well when you are coming to the end of your latest therapy session on Postings the last thing you do is click on the 'Mark All' button. Nothing appears to happen other then the screen gets refreshed.

The magic is when you come back to postings later - later in the day, the next day, the next week or whatever - because then you click on the 'Read New Messages' link and the system goes off and brings back a list of all the threads that have been posted to since you clicked on the 'Mark All' button. So now it's really easy to just work your way through the list of links, reading and responding to posts, and using the browsers back button to return to the list of changed threads each time. Its also worth noting that you can bookmark the 'Read New Messages' page - you should because it makes for extra convenience.

As before, when you have done you click on 'Mark All' again, so you are all ready for next time. If you forget to click on 'Mark All' it's not the end of the world - the next time you use 'Read New Messages' you will just get the same list of posts plus any new ones since you last looked (think about it).

A Typical Day...
...or putting it all together. Get up, dial in to Internet, use a bookmark to bring up the new messages ('cos you are automatically logged-in and you had the good sense to create a bookmark many moons ago). Work through the new messages. Click on the 'Mark All' button when done.

Later in the day at work repeat the above (doesn't matter it is a different machine) to see what new messages may have been posted since you last looked in that morning. Repeat as often as you want and each time you just get the new messages since last time, and no others.

That's it - it's incredibly simple really and you should not be put off by the length of these notes.

Tally Ho

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  RE: Seeing Recent Postings Bruce Madmin 15-07-00 1

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Bruce Madmin

15-07-00, 10:51 AM (BST)
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1. "RE: Seeing Recent Postings"
In response to message #0
We changed some of the facilities and this posting has been superceded by an updated version. Here is a link to the updated version:

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