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29-09-03, 10:12 AM (BST)
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"New Postings - some helpful pointers..."
   LAST EDITED ON 16-10-03 AT 06:28 PM (GMT)

I know Trog, who has done much sterling work over the weekend helping upgrade and tweak the board, is doing some words about the changes but I'm acutely aware that some pointers might be useful to visitors. I'm gratified though that there has been much posting over the weekend and I think many are fine and probably off investigating this and that.

Update: Trog has changed parts of the FAQ to suit the way we use the forum software and include some of the words from this posting. Hopefully we now have more helpful help than we have ever had before! We also plan something that discuses threaded discussion - but more of that later.

No Mini-poll?
We now have the Mini-poll working again.
We will be adding that back into the page within the next few days. New postings allows polls within threads and we will look at that over the coming weeks. But the poll you know and love will be back shortly

No Lobby?
The highest level in the old board was called the Lobby and an icon / hot links took you too it from many of the boards pages. The term Lobby however is no longer used and the new highest level page is called the 'Conferences' page - clicking on 'Conferences' always takes you to it. Try doing it now!

Seeing the last days worth of postings
All sorted out and the drop down menu is there again
We used to have a drop down menu that enabled all visitors, regardless of if they were logged in or not, to see the last 1,2 3 days etc worth of postings activity. There is this facility in the new system but its buried in a search page option and Trog is looking to reinstate the original functionality. Again this should emerge in the next few days.

However in the interim this hot link brings up the last days worth:
Link to last days worth of Postings activity

The above link can be bookmarked/added to favourites - useful.

For those who login (or stay logged in) there is a more flexible way of seeing postings - using Read and Mark - see lower down.

Logging in and staying logged in
Some have asked how you login once and stay logged in because the old login had a box to tick to achieve this and the new one doesn't. Here is how:

Go into main Conferences page. Here is a direct link to make sure we are in the same place:

Login if you need.
click on User Menu
click on Edit Your Preference
for the question "Automatically login when you return?" click on the yes radio button
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on update button.
click on Conferences link to go back to the forums

Read and Mark - Reading just the new messages since you last visited
Like the old forum the new enables registered members to just be shown messages since they last visited. This is best achieved with the buttons 'Read New' and 'Mark All' which you will see on the main Conferences menu ( - the highest level in Postings.

If you are not registered first register - discussed elsewhere
Before using the read/mark functions you first need to make sure your account is set correctly:
Login if not already
click on 'User Menu' link
click on 'Edit Your Preference' link
for the question "Use MARK time stamp feature?" click on the yes radio button
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Update' button.
click on Conferences link to go back to the main forums view

Clicking on 'Mark All'
By clicking on Mark All you are telling the system that at this precise time you are up to date with the board. Now the next time you visit postings...

Clicking on 'Read New'
will take you to a page which shows all of the threads that have been added to since you did that last click on 'Mark All'. At any time clicking on 'Read New' brings up the list and you can even bookmark (add to favourites) that page - So click on your bookmark / favourite and you instantly get everything that's happened. The only thing to remember now is to click on 'Mark All' when you are ready so that the system does not keep showing you things you have seen already.

So... wake up in morning
Click on 'Read New' (or use bookmark / favourites to get to that page), read all that's happened
Click on 'Mark All' when done
repeat as often as you like - once a day, several times a day or after going away for a few days - 'Read New' will always show just the threads that have changed.

Finally note that if you used a bookmark / favourite on the old forum to bring up the latest postings, you need to delete it and bookmark again.

Possible Problems
1) At least one user appeared to get a lot of email postings generated by the forum change - apologies, not sure how it happened but a one-off event I'm sure
2) Duplicate Usernames. The old board saw users "Bruce" and "bruce" as separate. The new does not and treats them as on - less confusion so a useful move. There is however a problem if the two names were in use or registered and one or both users may not be able to currently login. If you think this effects you contact us (
3) Any individual problems I suggest you contact us (, other issues perhaps are dealt with by posting here.

Ok that's your starter for ten...

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