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Bruce Madmin

27-05-01, 09:46 AM (BST)
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"Updates and next magazine etc."
We are now looking rather better on the database's front. All our own reviews are bang up to date and all the links to off-site reviews are in up to last Sunday. I will update for the last week, as normal, later today.

In all there are over 140 links added of which over 30 are ones. As paper it's a 2 inch high stack!.

We now have 2230 reviews links and 879 InterViews and News links. The Links section gives various ways of looking for what you want:

As ever my great thanks to all who contributed

I will do the This Week Page later today

The next magazine will be released tomorrow (Monday). In the meantime I'm off to my mum for her Birthday in darkest Leicestershire!

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