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Ballet background...

Kenneth MacMillan
an International Celebration

Rudolf Nureyev
Biography and much more

Kristen McNally, the Royal Ballet Soloist and choreographer keeps a weblog for us

Matthew Lawrence Weblog the Birmingham Royal Ballet Princiapl on the dancing life

Jarkko Lehmus, the ex army Scottish Ballet dancer keeps a weblog for us

Madame Galina's Doings Diary The great Russian ballerina (aka Iestyn Edwards) on life and touring

Rym Kechacha Blog the Northern Ballet Theatre dancer on life and touring

Dane Hurst Weblog The Phoenix Dance Theatre and now Rambert dancer

BIG. Ballet Independents Group writings on

Legends of British ballet

Ballets and dance information

History of ballet


Archive weblogs...
Maina Gielgud. a director, principal dancer, producer and teacher wrote

Josephine Jewkes. A Rambert dancer wrote

Christopher Hampson. an international choreographer wrote

Cathy Marston. the ROH2, RB, ENB choreographer wrote

Cassa Pancho. The Ballet Black director wrote

Giannandrea Poesio, the renowned dance critic and academic kept a weblog for us

Daniel Jones, the ENB soloist and 'Men in Tights’ star kept a weblog for us

Tiit Helimets and Molly Smolen, the San Francisco Ballet Principals kept a weblog for us

Carole Edrich Blog, the dance writer and Flamenco lover kept a weblog for us

Ballet Central diary Students write!

Helene Cooper Blog, A student choreographer kept a weblog for us

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